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Examples of "fcph"
In 1894, Dr. William Pierce and Ellen Brown rented a house at 6 Main Street and opened a private medical practice. The following year, citizens of Franklin County agreed to open Franklin County Public Hospital (FCPH). With $16,000 in community fundraising, the new hospital opened on September 9, 1895. In 1910, the hospital had raised an additional $65,000 in donations, enough to build a much larger facility on High Street. The growth of FCPH reflects a wider trend of healthcare development at the turn of the century in the United States. In 1918, the Spanish Influenza hit Greenfield hard. Of the 135 patients treated at Franklin County Public Hospital, forty-six died. Although FCPH struggled financially during the Great Depression, it managed to expand its facilities and recruit new medical specialists. The hospital expanded further after World War II, and became affiliated with Baystate Medical Center in 1981. To reflect this new affiliation, it was renamed Baystate Franklin Medical Center (BMFC) two years later.