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Examples of "fennessy"
Dick Fennessy (Tom Sommers) 1972-1974 Afternoons - Evenings
Bridget Fitzsimons, Paul Fennessy and Quinton O’Reilly
Leo Michael Fennessy (7 June 1907 – 14 February 1992) was an Australian politician.
In 1937 Roberts was called to work with Robert Watson-Watt at Watt's secret radar development centre at Bawdsey Manor, Suffolk. He apparently called for Fennessy to join him, but Fennessy was initially rejected as unsuitable. As experimentation turned to development a need for engineers developed, and Fennessy was summoned to Bawdsey in 1938, shortly after marrying Marion Banks (died 1983), with whom he had two children.
Five years later in 1998, WMXH was purchased by Kevin Fennessy's Fennessy Broadcasting Stations Corporation to become WAAT, initially a leased-time and ethnic station. In 2001 Fennessy would change format with the addition of Dr. Laura Schlessinger and Sinatra in the mornings. It would seem that Fennessy elected to revive the WAAT callsign as a nod to his early days in broadcasting at WAAT in Trenton, NJ.
In February 2010, executive producer Mark Fennessy stated that he doubted the spin-off will return for a second season.
On 15 November 2016, Mark and Carl Fennessy become both new CEO of Endemol Australia and suceeds to Janeen Faithfull.
"My Blood My Compromise" has been reviewed and recommended by K. Fennessy of Video Librarian Magazine.
Mr. Ned Fennessy retired in June 2013, after 23 seasons as the boys' tennis varsity coach. During his storied career, Mr. Fennessy coached his teams to 290 victories, winning back-to-back MIAA Division 3 State Championships in his final two seasons.
Fennessy was demobilized as a Group Captain in the RAF Volunteer Reserve in 1945. For five years he commanded No 3700 (City of London) Radar Reporting Unit. In 1946 he took a position with the Decca Navigation Company, a recent spin-off from Decca Records created to commercialize the Decca Navigation System built by the company during the war. By 1950 Fennessy had completed development of low-cost radar systems, leading to another spin-off, Decca Radar, with Fennessy as the managing director.
In February 2010, executive producer Mark Fennessy stated that he doubted the spin-off will return for a second series.
Crackerjack Productions (merge name FremantleMedia Australia) is an Australian independent television production company headed by brothers Mark and Carl Fennessy.
In 1965 Decca Radar was sold to Plessey to become the Plessey Radar Company. Fennessy remained as the managing director of the new company. He moved into telecommunications research when Plessey and GEC formed a joint effort to build satellite ground stations. In 1969 Fennessy became the managing director of British Telecommunications Research, part of the General Post Office.
Pearson Television (then FremantleMedia) acquired the Grundy group of companies in April 1995. On 30 August 2006, FremantleMedia announced they would merge Grundy Television with their other Australian production company, Crackerjack Productions, to form a single 'super' production company called "FremantleMedia Australia". The new company is now managed by the management team from Crackerjack, with Mark Fennessy as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and his brother Carl Fennessy as Chief Operating Officer (COO).
Keyte became chairman of Hereford United on 4 June 2010. He was introduced to his vice chairman Tim Russon by Joan Fennessy, the outgoing company secretary, two months previously.
In January 2010, Shine Australia was founded as a part of Shine Group, catering to the Australian and New Zealand market. It is jointly led by CEOs Mark Fennessy and Carl Fennessy, who had previously worked at FremantleMedia Australia and Crackerjack. Shine Australia is not to be mistaken for long serving entertainment and talent company Shine International Entertainment who own the registered trademark and have been operating in Australia since 1932.
Early in 1910 the Transvaal Province amateur boxing authorities sent three representatives to compete in the British championships. Heavyweight Fred Storbeck, lightweight Jim Fennessy and featherweight Joe Thomas, with George Twomey as the manager of the first-ever team of South African amateur boxers to compete overseas. In the British championships Storbeck won all his fights on knockouts and became the British amateur heavyweight champion. Fennessy reached the semi-final and Thomas was eliminated in the second round of the competition.
In 2011, the Melbourne Theatre Company and Western Australia's Black Swan State Theatre Company commissioned Australian playwright Aidan Fennessy to write a new work on the theme of the Balibo Five.
Kathleen C. Fennessy of allmusic gave it 4 out of 5 stars, saying "The Teens have a firm grasp on song structure and Bliss Blood's vocals are always pleasing."
At 60 Group, Fennessy led the operational deployment of many radar and radio navigation systems. These included the development of portable radar systems, and both Gee and Oboe navigation systems. One particularly ironic development concerns the Sonne long-range radio navigation system set up by the Luftwaffe. Sonne proved so useful to RAF Coastal Command that when pushing back of the front lines by the Allies meant Germany no longer had access to Spain, Fennessy arranged for spare parts to be delivered to the Sonne broadcasters located there.