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thuburbo              furnos              maius              proconsulari              vegesela              filaca              salutaris              sozusa              praefectura              sanctissimae              civitatis              exercitus              corneto              cognitarum              continetur              iovia              calabra              petilia              gallici              cognitae              publii              justinianopolis              syriae              paulum              faustinopolis              diocesis              pannoniae              macriana              italiae              febiana              apollonos              galliae              hungariae              rhosus              iacobi              acilia              melkitarum              medoacus              monasterii              tarchna              sclavorum              castri              basilicae              carthaginensis              ordinis              flaviae              atella              eparchia              hadrianopolis              singularium             

Examples of "feradi"
Only two documented bishops of Feradi Maggiore are known.
Today Feradi Major survives as a titular bishopric and the current bishop is Estevam Santos Silva Filho of San Salvador.
Feradi Minor, was also the seat of an ancient episcopal see of the Roman Catholic Church. Only one bishop of this diocese is known, Feliciano, a Catholic bishop at the Council of Carthage of 411 at that time the seat had no Donatist bishops. Today Feradi Minor survives as titular bishopric and the current bishop is Canavarros Edmilson Tadeu dos Santos,
Feradi Maggiore, is an archaeological site is located near the village of Sidi Khelifa near the city of Bouficha in the governorate of Sousse, Tunisia.
The ancient town was also the cathedra of the Diocese of Feradi Maggiore a home suppressed and titular of the Catholic Church.
Feradi Minor was an ancient town in the Roman province of Africa proconsularis in the Sahel region of Tunisia. During late Antiquity it was in the province of Byzacena.
Quizon, was born in Manila, Philippines, was ordained a priest on March 12, 1949, and consecrated bishop on August 22, 1979. Quizon was appointed auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Lipa on 1979. Quizon retired as Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Lipa on April 6, 2002. He was the Titular Bishop of Feradi Minus
Neves was born in São João del Rei, in Minas Gerais state, Brazil. He was ordained a priest on 9 July 1950. He was appointed Auxiliary Bishop of São Paulo by Pope Paul VI on 9 June 1967 with the titular see of Feradi Maius.
Mindia Khitarishvili is the author of two Rock-Operas—The Earth Time (Libretto J.Charkviani) and The Ballad of Tavparavneli (Libretto I.Gurieli), based on the play T.Chiladze, which premiered in 2010 under the direction of producer George Tavadze. Khitarishvilli ‘s accomplishments include a variety of symphonic, chamber - instrumental, choral, vocal and pop music. Among them: the Concerto for Two Pianos, Percussion and Strings ; Chamber Symphony for baritone and string orchestra (2007); String Quartet, Withered beech (inspired by Vaja-Pshavela, 2008); Song cycle, Singing lines, for Mezzo-soprano and Piano (lyrics G.Tabidze); a variety of music for the cinema and theater; about 40 music drama and puppet performances, including, Flea and Ant /Rckili da chianchvela, Pippi Longstocking/Pepi grdzelitsinda (Director R.Bainazishvili), "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs /Fifkia da shvidi juja, One Thousand and One Nights / Shahrazadas atas erti gamis zgapari, Noah's Ark /Noes kidobani (Director E.Tavartkiladze), The Bremen Town Musicians/ Bremeneli musikosebi, The Argonauts/Argonavtebi, Iron Heart/Rkinis guli, Mother Courage and Her Children /Deda kuraji da misi shvilebi/ (Director Z.Tsintsadze), Puss in Boots /Cheqmebiani kata/ (Director R.Geladze), The Ransom of Red Chief /Tsitelkanianta beladi, Dragon /Drakoni (Director T.Bolkvadze), The Naphthalene /Naftalini (Director R.Ioseliani), Beauty and the Beast /Mzetunakhavi da urchkhuli, Impatiens and Mouse /Tsuna da tsrutsuna (Director E.Matskhonashvili) and Coast of Colored Mists /Feradi nislebis sanapiro (Director D.Matskhonashvili).
He was ordained to the priesthood aged 34 years in the Patriarchal Lateran Basilica (the Pope's Cathedral as Bishop of Rome) on 30 March 1918, by Basilio Pompilj, Cardinal Bishop of Velletrie Segni, the Pope's Vicar General for Rome. He acted as Confessor for the students of the Venerable English College, Rome, 1918–1921 and again 1927-1960s. In 1921 he was appointed curate at the Most Holy Trinity parish in Dockhead, Bermondsey. He was named a Domestic Prelate by Pope Pius XI on 30 September 1927 and on the following day, 1 October 1927, he was named Auditor of the Tribunal of the Holy Roman Rota (the judicial part of the Roman Curia) which acts as the Supreme Court of Appeal in the administration of the Canon Law of the Roman Catholic Church. In 1958 he was appointed Dean of the Holy Roman Rota (i.e. the equivalent of Chief Justice) and was elevated to Cardinal one year later when he was appointed Cardinal Deacon of the titular church "San Teodoro". He was one of the rare modern instances of a Cardinal who was not a Bishop. This was rectified after three years when, on 19 April 1962 he was appointed Bishop of the titular see of Feradi Maius and consecrated Bishop by Pope John XXIII in the same Patriarchal Lateran Basilica in which he had been ordained priest forty-four years before. He attended the Second Vatican Council, 1962–1965 and participated in the conclave of 19 to 21 June 1963 which elected the Archbishop of Milan, Cardinal Giovanni-Battista Montini to be Pope Paul VI.