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Examples of "ferreras"
In 2006, Venezuelan-born US-citizen Carlos Serra, a former IAFD-partner of Ferreras and co-organiser of Mestre's fatal record attempt, published a book "The Last Attempt" which received wide acclaim in and out of freediving circuits. In this book, Serra places the guilt for Mestre's death directly on Ferreras, practically accusing him of a crime. According to Serra's depiction, in October 2002 the Ferreras and Mestre marriage was on the brink of divorce after much abuse by Ferreras, possibly due to Ferreras being jealous about the attention Mestre was gaining at his expense. Serra argues that to punish his wife for wanting to leave him, Ferreras deliberately avoided filling the sled's air tank, a vital piece of equipment to ensure Mestre's return to the surface. Several circumstances leave Serra to conclude that Ferreras intended to murder his wife, and it was confirmed by an Italian court under the supervision of the italian judge Giovanni Falcone.
Ferreras, an only child, grew up in Corona, Queens. Her parents, Josefina Ferreras-Palaez and Julio Alejandro Ferreras, are immigrants from the Dominican Republic and both are retired; she was an office aide for the city’s Human Resources Administration, and he was a subway car inspector.
Ferreras was born in Matanzas, on the northern coast of Cuba, and began to practice free-diving at the age of 5. "Pipin" was his nickname from childhood, and years later he added "Ferreras".
Ferreras has made adding public school seats a top priority of her time in elected office. Ferreras is responsible for building hundreds of school seats in Corona, Jackson Heights, and East Elmhurst. Councilwoman Ferreras told the New York Times that she allocated funding to build five new schools in her district and all were scheduled to open in Corona in the coming years to handle increased demand.
A year after her death, Ferreras completed a no-limits dive to match Mestre's depth of 171 meters.
Ulysses Flores Ferreras is a Filipino botanist (plant taxonomist), working as Research Associate at Philippine Native Plants Conservation Society
In 1996, Ferreras established the sports association International Association of Freedivers (IAFD) in direct opposition to the organization AIDA, but this had limited sportive success and closed in 2004. All of Ferreras' record dives of this era were conducted within the ambit of IAFD.
In 1996 her interest in underwater sports led to her meeting free-diver Francisco "Pipín" Ferreras. They immediately developed a relationship and Mestre soon moved to Miami, Florida to live with Ferreras. There, she took up serious free-diving and with Ferreras as her instructor was soon reaching record depths. In 1999 the two diving aficionados married and the following year, off the coast of Fort Lauderdale, Audrey Mestre broke the female world record by free diving to a depth of 125 meters (410 ft) on a single breath of air. A year later she broke her own record, by descending to 130 meters (427 ft).
He's best known for his comic-books like "Wrinkles". This work was adapted to cinemas in September 11, 2011 by Ignacio Ferreras and produced by Perro Verde Films.
Mendoza married María Ferreras de la Torre. They had three children — Francisca Micaela (born 1731), María Manuela (born 1733) and Hermenegildo (born 1736).
José Ignacio Zapatero Ferreras (born Zamora, 25 November 1971) is a Spanish former rugby union player. He plays as a prop.
On June 21, 2012, in Miami, Florida, Pipin married Juscelina Cacau Melo, a Canadian former South Beach model, also known in the diving world as Nina Ferreras.
When Councilman Monserrate became involved in a scandal (in 2012, he pleaded guilty to mail fraud), Ms. Ferreras was among those questioned and cleared.
The rivalry of Pelizzari and Ferreras became the focus of the 2001 IMAX production , directed by renowned under water photographer Bob Talbot.
The rivalry of Ferreras and Pelizzari became the focus of the 2001 IMAX production , directed by renowned under water photographer Bob Talbot.
Juan Pablo Colinas Ferreras (born 2 September 1978), known as Juan Pablo, is a Spanish professional footballer who plays for Cypriot club AEK Larnaca F.C. as a goalkeeper.
All through the 1990s Pelizzari became famous for his sportive rivalry with the time's other world top freediver, Cuban Francisco "Pipin" Ferreras, originally a close training friend around 1990. Particularly in No-Limits, Pelizzari and Ferreras pushed each other deeper and deeper, and subsequently Pelizzari enhanced his measures to establish round markers in Constant Weight with -80 m (262 feet), and in No Limits with 150 m (492 feet), both these at the same event in October 1999.
During his career, Francisco "Pipin Ferreras" Rodriguez has established a number of IAFD records (his own sports association that he created in opposition to AIDA), which presents a total of 21 registered world records and 41 overall world records.
Manuel Codorniu y Ferreras (1 June 1788 – 18 July 1857) was a Spanish military physician, educator and publisher who served in the Senate (1841–1843) and in the Constituent Cortes (1854–1856) of his native country.
Ferreras serves as the chair of the Finance Committee, the Council's most powerful committee. She is the first woman, the first person of color, and the youngest member to be elected Finance Chair.