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Examples of "fickes"
Fickes also appeared in the 2007 hit, "Transformers" as a Pentagon Analyst. Additionally, he has appeared in several other feature films and made guest television appearances, including a recurring role on "Dawson's Creek".
Carlos James DeVilla Abrille, 22, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor hazing, Jerry Ming Lim, 25, and John Paul Fickes, 20, both pleaded guilty to being accessories to involuntary manslaughter, 22-year-old Gabriel John Maestretti, pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter. These were the first felony charges for hazing in the United States.
Aubrey Dollar was born in Raleigh, North Carolina and studied at Needham B. Broughton High School, where she was a classmate of fellow actor Colin Fickes. She attended Boston University and Amherst College. Her younger sister, Caroline, is also an actress.
Paula Fickes Hawkins (January 24, 1927 – December 4, 2009) was an American politician from Florida. To date, she is the only woman elected to the U.S. Senate from Florida. She was the first woman ever elected to the Senate from the South and the first in the country ever elected to a full Senate term without a family connection.
Hawkins was the eldest of three children born to Paul and Leone Fickes in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her father was Naval Chief Warrant Officer. In 1934, the family moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where her father taught at Georgia Tech. Her parents split when Paula was in high school, and Leone and the children returned to Utah. She finished high school at Richmond, Utah in 1944, then enrolled at Utah State University. Paula was hired to be the Athletic director's secretary and met her future husband. On September 5, 1947, Paula Fickes and Walter Eugene Hawkins were married and moved to Atlanta. Gene earned a degree in electrical engineering and eventually opened his own business. The couple had three children before moving in 1955 to Winter Park, Florida, where Paula became a community activist and Republican volunteer.
Mark Schwahn, the series' creator and writer of the episode, "took this old character in Jimmy Edwards [Colin Fickes], who hadn’t been around in seasons, and used his re-emergence" to tell the story about life in high-school as an outsider. Being a controversial topic, Schwahn had to convince executives to allow the episode. The actors "who were locked in the tutor center would file into this little room day after day and film these emotionally draining scenes".
Jimmy Edwards played by Colin Fickes in season one and three, James "Jimmy" Edwards was a student at Tree Hill high and a friend of Lucas and Mouth's from the River Court. When Lucas and Mouth started to get close to the 'popular' kids such as Brooke, Nathan, and Peyton, Jimmy felt isolated and started to hate his time at school. After he was humiliated by the time capsule release, he brought a handgun to school and fired a shot putting the school on lockdown. He then held Haley, Nathan, and several other students in the tutor centre before he killed himself.
The events of Tuesday, February 1 would last into the early hours of Wednesday morning. Carrington and Quintana were instructed to stand on one foot on a wooden bench, wearing only T-shirts, jeans, and socks, while Chi Tau members quizzed them on fraternity history. If an incorrect answer was given, they were told to drink as much water as possible from a five-gallon Alhambra bottle or do push-ups on the floor. Cold water was also poured on them while being blasted by fans. They had to ask permission to urinate on themselves and were eventually told to take their shirts off with basement temperatures in the 30s. Near 2 am, active Chi Tau members, Gabriel Maestretti, John Paul Fickes and Carlos James DeVilla Abrille, arrived at the house after a night of heavy drinking. Maestretti passed out on a couch in the basement, and at around 2:30 am, the pledges, already in poor condition, were told they were done. However, Maestretti woke up and decided he would take over the initiation event instead of allowing the pledges to leave the basement or sleep. Fickes and Abrille joined in on the events that would follow. They ignored other members of the fraternity who came down to the basement on two occasions and told the three to stop. At one point Carrington dropped the five-gallon bottle and spilled water on one of the three actives. He was forced to do more push-ups as punishment.
Daniel Fienberg of called it a "surprisingly earnest and reflective depiction of a school shooting [with Colin Fickes as a troubled teen with a gun] that avoided the 'Very Special Episode' syndrome by also advancing the season's plot". There was sentiment that the episode added new depth to the series. "Through all the fluff, implausible storylines, and pretty smiles from pretty people, there's one episode that sets itself apart from the rest. It's called 'With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds and Tired Souls, We Slept,'" stated Cynthia Boris of "To put it simply, it's the Columbine episode. (And how sad is it that you all know what I mean when I say that word.) For this one episode, the pretty and popular heroes of the show take a backseat to a chubby, bullied young man who has been humiliated for the last time," she said. "When you see the realness of Jimmy (Colin Fickes) balanced against this cast of plastic, perfect people, it's pretty easy to see why kids kill kids." Boris, however, felt the episode would "b[low] right past the core audience" and that "if you asked a hundred fans to list this season's most memorable moments, Chad Michael Murray dressing up as Jack Sparrow would likely land much higher than this topical episode".
Camp Paxson Boy Scout Camp, located on the western shore of Seeley Lake, Lolo National Forest, Montana, is on the National Register of Historic Places. It started out as a summer camp for the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), and is named in honor of Montana western painter Edgar Samuel Paxson. The United States Forest Service granted the Western Montana Council of the BSA permission to build a summer camp, originally with six small 12x24' clapboard structures and tents on just , in 1924. The camp was expanded beginning in October 1939, with more facilities constructed by the Works Progress Administration and Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). The camp was completed in 1940 on under the supervision of Forest Service engineer Clyde Fickes.
Founded as the Pennsylvania Female College on December 11, 1869, by Reverend William Trimble Beatty (the father of renowned operatic contralto Louise Homer), Chatham was initially situated in the Berry mansion on Woodland Road off Fifth Avenue in the neighborhood of Shadyside. The campus today is composed of buildings and grounds from a number of former private mansions, including those of Andrew Mellon, Edward Stanton Fickes, George M. Laughlin Jr. and James Rea. It was renamed Pennsylvania College for Women in 1890, and as Chatham College in 1955. The name served to honor William Pitt, 1st Earl of Chatham and namesake of the City of Pittsburgh. The school gained university status from the Pennsylvania Department of Education on April 23, 2007, and publicly announced its new status on 2007-05-01, changing its name to Chatham University.
The company considered several potential plant sites in Knoxville, Etowah, and Monroe County, but chose North Maryville due in part to the influence of Maryville mayor Samuel Everett (1864−1941). By 1914, the company had completed the initial purchase of in North Maryville, and had initiated construction of the smelting plant and 150 houses for company employees. ALCOA's chief engineer Edwin Fickes and hydraulic engineer Robert Ewald drew up plans for the town to house the plant's workers. The town design initially called for the acquisition of , and included four sections— Vose and Springbrook in the north (around what is now Springbrook Park) and Bassel and Hall in the south (around what is now the South Plant). Hall, named for the inventor of the aluminum electrolytic process, was originally a segregated community for the plant's African-American workers. Oldfield, a small community between the planned town and Maryville, would later be annexed by the city of Alcoa.
In 2002, Harrison starred in the play "Deviant" at the New York International Fringe Festival. In the summer of 2004, Harrison made his Broadway debut as Boq in the musical "Wicked". His Off Broadway credits include "A Letter for Ethel Kennedy" (MCC Theatre, 2002), the Father in "Oak Tree" (Perry Street Theatre, 2006), Young Spencer in "Edward II" (Red Bull Theatre, 2007–2008),Eros in "Antony and Cleopatra" (Theatre for a New Audience, 2008), Laszlo Fickes/Gerhardt Zeitzler in "A Singing Forest" (Public Theatre, 2009), and Kevin Adams-Weller in "Harbor" (Primary Stages, 2013). Harrison has also done several staged readings for Red Bull Theatre, where he starred in their 'In the Raw' workshop production of "A Tyger's Heart" in February 2011.
Mercer travels to a bohemian pottery-making commune in Shelter Cove, California where Arlen once lived, but learns that he moved to Reno, Nevada. He passes through Fallon, Nevada to meet up with the seductive Joely (Jena Malone), his middle school crush. In Reno, they take ecstasy and almost have sex before Mercer resumes his search for Arlen. Later he finds himself on the set of a pornographic film, where the director (Julio Oscar Mechoso) tells him that Arlen left to work at a pet store in Sacramento, California. Joely asks Mercer if he can drive her cousin Buddy (Colin Fickes) and his friend Rid (William Lee Scott) to Mojave, California, where they are building their own car. While driving, Mercer finds Kate's YMCA card in the trunk of her car and, now knowing what she looks like, describes a dream to her in which he, Joely, and Kate are dancing in a re-enactment of "Bande à part"s dance sequence. Not wanting to get sidetracked, he tries to leave the others behind in a motel room, but when Buddy threatens to steal the car, Mercer tells him that the car belongs to his girlfriend, and Buddy, Rid, and Joely leave without Mercer in Kate's car. He hitchhikes to Mojave and finds the salvage yard where Buddy and Rid are working, and retrieves the car.