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"Everlasting Songs" is a first studio album under the FictionJunction name and was first released on February 25, 2009 by Victor Entertainment with the catalog number VTCL-60106. It contains 15 tracks whose lyrics, composition, and arrangement are provided by Yuki Kajiura with performance provided by the singers of Kajiura's FictionJunction solo project: Asuka Kato (FictionJunction Asuka), Kaori Oda (FictionJunction KAORI), Keiko Kubota (FictionJunction Keiko), Wakana Ootaki (FictionJunction Wakana), Yuuka Nanri (FictionJunction Yuuka), and Yuriko Kaida. It is the first album of where all of the singers of FictionJunction have participated in a single album. The track performed by FictionJunction is the ending theme to the OVA series "Tsubasa Shunraiki". It peak ranked 27th on the Oricon albums chart and remained on the chart for one week.
Nanri is a currently a vocalist for Yuki Kajiura's "FictionJunction Yuuka" project. She held her first solo concert, entitled "Premium Live 2007", as FictionJunction Yuuka in February 2007.
With the exception of Yuriko Kaida, each vocalist has had her own FictionJunction pre-title. Each vocalist's work is considered an individual project. Some of Yuki Kajiura's vocalists now go by a capitalized names (e.g. Kaori Oda went by FictionJunction Kaori, but now goes by KAORI). At Anime Expo 2012, Kajiura brought the following four vocalists to represent FictionJunction.
FictionJunction is a singing group that solely performs songs written by Japanese composer Yuki Kajiura. The term "FictionJunction" alone refers to this group; solo works between Kajiura and a vocalist are referenced by adding the singer's name after "FictionJunction". Although both perform under the FJ title and are collaborations with Kajiura, they are separate projects.
FictionJunction Yuuka performed alongside her fellow FJ peers in Yuki Kajiura LIVE Vol. #4 Everlasting Songs Tour 2009. She is credited as a vocalist for the FictionJunction Club single "sing a song" which was released on March 16, 2012.
"Romanesque" is the seventh single of J-pop duo FictionJunction Yuuka. It was released on April 18, 2007.
"Silly-Go-Round" is the fifth single of J-pop duo FictionJunction Yuuka. It was released on May 10, 2006.
Destination is the first album of J-pop duo FictionJunction Yuuka. It was released on November 23, 2005.
"Inside Your Heart" is the second single of J-pop duo FictionJunction Yuuka. It was released on July 27, 2004.
Circus is the second album of J-pop duo FictionJunction Yuuka. It was released on July 4, 2007.
FictionJunction Yuuka: Yuki Kajiura Live Vol.#4 Part I: Everlasting Songs Tour 2009 features FictionJunction Yuuka (Yuuka Nanri) as main vocalist, and Yuriko Kaida and Hikaru Masai on chorus. The limited edition comes with a photo booklet and PV version of "Nostalgia". The DVD reached #49 on the Oricon charts and remained in the rankings for 2 weeks.
One of Kajiura's solo projects include FictionJunction. The project involves collaboration with artists such as Yuuka Nanri, Asuka Kato, and Kaori Oda. FictionJunction Yuuka, with Nanri as the vocalist, is the most prolific of these collaborations. In 2004, the duo produced the opening and ending songs for Kōichi Mashimo's "Madlax" and in the next year, published their first collaborative album, "Destination".
FictionJunction: Yuki Kajiura Live Vol.#4 Part II: Everlasting Songs Tour 2009 features the vocals of FictionJunction (Wakana Ootaki, Keiko Kubota, Kaori Oda, and Yuriko Kaida). The limited edition comes with a photo booklet and the PV version of "Parallel Hearts".
Kajiura does not consider the group to have "members". At Anime Expo 2012, she said: "To be honest, FictionJunction is not a 'group.' FictionJunction is just me. Well, actually, it depends on the music and the song. We have gathered several members and singers from everywhere. We don't have 'member' members. I *am* FictionJunction. But I am 'collecting' all the singers that are powerful and worthy to be in this group. They are true professionals, each individual here. I respect them, and I do look up to them. They have the most beautiful voices, and that's how they're selected."
The music is handled by Yuki Kajiura. The opening theme "Hikari no Yukue" is performed by savage genius, while the ending theme "romanesque" is performed by FictionJunction Yuuka.
Yuki Kajiura Live Vol.#2 is Yuki Kajiura’s first live concert released on DVD. It features the vocals of FictionJunction and guest vocalist Eri Itō.
"Honoh no Tobira" is the 4th single released by FictionJunction Yuuka. The song was used as the insert song for Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny in phase 40.
"Everlasting Songs", announced November 20, 2008, features all FictionJunction vocalists: Yuuka, Keiko, Wakana, Kaori, Asuka, and Yuriko Kaida. It was released on February 25, 2009.
Originally, this song was released on "Suit CD vol.4 Miguel Ayman x Nicol Amarfi", an EP from Gundam SEED, under the name "FictionJunction featuring Yuuka". Due the song's popularity and the fact that September 2004 was Gundam SEED's one-year anniversary, it was later released as a single obtaining the twelfth place on the Oricon charts, which later rose to the tenth. Akatsuki no Kuruma has been FictionJunction YUUKA's best-selling single.
FictionJunction Yuuka held their first live concert entitled "Premium Live 2007" on February 8 and February 15 of 2007. A new album, "Circus" was announced and it was released on July 4 of the same year.. As Kajiura is handling the music for upcoming anime "El Cazador de la Bruja", their seventh single, "Romanesque", became the ending theme of the anime above. "El Cazador de la Bruja" was produced by Bee Train, whose anime productions FictionJunction Yuuka has also done songs for previously.