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Fidelio: Alice's Odyssey (), also titled Fidelio: Alice's Journey, is a 2014 French drama film directed by Lucie Borleteau.
After meeting with Pizarro, Rocco reenters and tells Fidelio that Pizarro will allow the marriage, and Fidelio will also be permitted to join Rocco on his rounds in the dungeon ("Nun sprecht, wie ging's?"—"Speak, how did it go?"). Rocco and Fidelio prepare to go to Florestan's cell, with the knowledge that he must be killed and buried within the hour. Fidelio is shaken; Rocco tries to discourage Fidelio from coming, but Fidelio insists. As they prepare to leave, Jaquino and Marzelline rush in and tell Rocco to run, as Pizarro has learned that the prisoners were allowed to roam, and is furious ("Ach, Vater, Vater, eilt!"—"O, father, father, hurry!").
Fidelio Telemetry is a computer software company, located in Italy, to develop telemetry software for R/C Racing Car. Its products include "Fidelio Orchestra" and "Testbed".
Commissioned by Phillips Academy (Andover) for Fidelio
Florestan awakes and Fidelio recognizes him. When Florestan learns that the prison he is in belongs to Pizarro, he asks that a message be sent to his wife, Leonore, but Rocco says that it is impossible. Florestan begs for a drop to drink, and Rocco tells Fidelio to give him one. Florestan does not recognize Fidelio, his wife Leonore in disguise, but tells Fidelio that there will be reward for the good deed in Heaven ("Euch werde Lohn in bessern Welten"—"You shall be rewarded in better worlds"). Fidelio further begs Rocco to be allowed to give Florestan a crust of bread, and Rocco consents.
In 1941, she sang Fidelio-Leonore at the Roman Opera.
Ludwig van Beethoven: "Fidelio" Don Fernando / Rocco
Beethoven: Abscheulicher, wo eilst du hin from Fidelio
She has appeared as Fidelio/Leonore in the Royal Opera House production of Fidelio (1991). In 2012, she sang the difficult role of the Comtesse de la Roche, in "Die Soldaten", at the Salzburg Festival, a production now on DVD.
Phoenix and Fidelio are at the Inn, plotting to defeat the Captain and save Fidelio’s mother. Fidelio is disguised as a scrivener; Phoenix as a wealthy farmer’s son and speculator.
Fidelio is a 1958 Australian TV live recording of the opera "Fidelio". It was one of a number of operas presented by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation at the time.
Jaquino and Marzelline are alone in Rocco's house. Jaquino asks Marzelline when she will agree to marry him, but she says that she will never marry him now that she has fallen in love with Fidelio, unaware that Fidelio is actually Leonore in disguise ("Jetzt, Schätzchen, jetzt sind wir allein"—"Now, darling, now we are alone"). Jaquino leaves, and Marzelline expresses her desire to become Fidelio's wife ("O wär ich schon mit dir vereint"—"If only I were already united with thee"). Rocco enters, looking for Fidelio, who then enters carrying a heavy load of newly-repaired chains. Rocco compliments Fidelio, and misinterprets her modest reply as hidden attraction to his daughter. Marzelline, Fidelio, Rocco, and Jaquino sing a quartet about the love Marzelline has for Fidelio ("Mir ist so wunderbar"—"A wondrous feeling fills me", also known as the Canon Quartet).
Her children's names meaning ""Devout Brunet"" (Bruno Fidelio), ""Ginger Star"" (Stella Ginger) and ""Big"" (Max).
It seems that the Fidelio line is to fill the gap streamium left.
In 1970 he travelled to Australia where he conducted "Fidelio" with the Australian Opera Company.
She has sung Leonore in "Fidelio" for Deutsche Oper Berlin and in Avignon and Leipzig.
It is the successor to the popular Fidelio PMS (Property Management System)
Agora Fidelio is a French Alternative rock band (sometimes referred to as Post rock).
He has recorded on a number of labels, including RCA, Vox, Fidelio, Arabesque, Vanguard and Biddulph.
The Fidelio Company was founded in 2013, and has been providing telemetry software.