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Examples of "fierce_panda"
In 2006, Cordova Bay Entertainment Group and Fierce Panda Records launched a Canadian branch of Fierce Panda, known as Fierce Panda Canada. Fierce Panda Canada released albums by UK artists iLiKETRAiNS, My Architects, Capdown, Make Good Your Escape, and Shitdisco.
In 2012 Fierce Panda also set up a publishing arm, named Fierce Panda Songs.
Decade: Ten Years of Fierce Panda (released 1 March 2004) is a compilation album released by Fierce Panda Records. The album celebrates the label's tenth anniversary, and features some of their best-known artists.
They released an album on 5 February 2007, entitled "Wind Up Toys" on Fierce Panda Records.
Second studio album "Hold Fast" was released on 9 July 2012 on Fierce Panda Records.
A single, "All You Good Good People" was released in February 1997 on Fierce Panda Records.
The font depicted was used only during the Fierce Panda era.
Debut album "Chasing After Ghosts" was released on 21 March 2011 on Fierce Panda Records.
Originally appeared on Fierce Panda release only. See "Bedshaped" main page for composition details.
The following is a list of bands who had material released on London based label Fierce Panda Records
2008 saw Fierce Panda set up its management stable which currently includes Albert Gold, Hatcham Social, Longfellow and Felt Tip.
The Hot Puppies are a Welsh band from Aberystwyth, now based in Cardiff, previously signed to Fierce Panda Records.
"Where's the Love?" and "Bicycle" originally appeared on the "Shining in the Wood" single released June 1996 (Fierce Panda Records).
After forming in 1998, Coldplay met up with local record label Fierce Panda Records after a representative from said label saw them perform at the Camden Falcon in December of that year. Fierce Panda offered to release their debut single, and the band agreed, signing a short record deal.
"Bruise Pristine" was originally released on record label Fierce Panda as a split seven-inch single with Soup in October 1995. This version is different from the one which later appeared on their 1996 debut album. The 1995 single version was later featured on the Fierce Panda compilation "Nings and Roundabouts".
In 2003 the band signed to Fierce Panda Records, releasing two EPs: "Act Your Rage" and "New Revolutionaries". The band received critical acclaim for their live performances.
"Kingdom of Fear", named after the last book by American writer Hunter S. Thompson was released on 16 April 2007 on Fierce Panda Records.
Linoleum covered the song on their second album and also released it as a single in 2000 on the Fierce Panda label.
Kingdom of Fear is the first album by Glaswegian dance-punk/new rave band Shitdisco released on the 16 April 2007 on Fierce Panda Records.
Absent Kid were afterwards signed by Fierce Panda Records, who had previously released records by, amongst others, Coldplay, Idlewild and Keane.