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Examples of "filing"
includes the time of filing and docketing, the name of the party and Filing User filing
Besides being available for filing European patent applications with the EPO, the "epoline" online filing software (also called "Online Filing", "OLF", "eOLF" or "epoline Online Filing") can also be used since December 3, 2003 for filing any official document during patent prosecution. The use of on-line filing passed the 50% level of patent application filings in January 2008. The "epoline" online filing software also allows to file patent applications online with the national patent offices that support it.
In 1986, Pendaflex launched the “I Hate Filing Club” for administrative professionals who dislike filing. An online version of the I Hate Filing Club was introduced in 1999.
The filing remains the largest bankruptcy filing in U.S. history, with Lehman holding over $600 billion in assets.
Individuals planning to use the filing status Married Filing Separately (MFS) are not eligible for the PTC.
In the 1890s, the Library Bureau introduced vertical filing. It soon became a large supplier of filing equipment, supplies, and expertise to business and government. Library Bureau schools in major cities taught filing to clerical workers.
The International Filing Company was a manufacturer of filing supplies for the printing industry and several other businesses. They manufactured products such as filing folders, radiology jackets and preservers, labels, expansion pockets, and indexes.
It is argued that until this was done, Miller's right of entry remained unaffected. But the court was of opinion that the duty of filing this map, as required by the act, like that of the line of definite location, is performed by filing it in the General Land Office, which is filing it with the Secretary of the Interior, and that whatever rights accrue to the company from the act of filing it accrue from filing it there.
The New York State Courts Electronic Filing System (NYSCEF) is the electronic court filing (e-filing) system used in the New York State Unified Court System. E-filing in criminal cases in the Supreme Court and County Court may be authorized by the Chief Administrative Judge, but it is unlawful for such documents to be made available to the public online through NYSCEF.
A taxpayer will fall into one of five possible filing status categories: single individual, married person filing jointly or surviving spouse, married person filing separately, head of household and a qualifying widow(er) with dependent children. A taxpayer who qualifies for more than one filing status may choose the most advantageous status.
Official forms are used in filing a bankruptcy case. A bankruptcy case is begun with the filing of the official form B1 bankruptcy petition. The filing of a chapter 7 or chapter 13 personal bankruptcy case also requires the filing of schedules A through J, the statement of financial affairs as well as the form B22 means test.
A person who is married on the last day of the tax year generally must use either the Married Filing Jointly or Married Filing Separately filing status. The exception is a taxpayer who is considered unmarried for Head of Household filing purposes and actually qualifies as Head of Household.
There was a variant of the DFS called the DNFS, or Disc/Network Filing System, that contained the Econet Network Filing System (NFS), standard Disc Filing System and Tube co-processor support software on a single ROM; this ROM installed two filing systems into the OS at once.
The filing of a prosecution is not required for civil liability, nor does filing of a prosecution preclude a civil action.
After filing a police complaint, the CSR receipt is often used to claim insurance settlements & adds as a proof of filing a complaint in the police station.
Filing a claim that is ultimately deemed frivolous can be highly damaging to the attorney so filing. Attorney Daniel Evans writes:
Electronic tax filing, or e-filing, is a system for submitting tax documents to a revenue service electronically, often without the need to submit any paper documents.
Solutions: DocuShare Virtual Filing System – Combines software, hardware, and consulting services to convert paper-based filing into a digital content management system.
Rotary storage systems are specialised office filing units designed to offer increased storage volumes per square foot compared to traditional filing units.
FBT filing may be quarterly, finance year, or annual tax returns. Taxpayers must pay quarterly unless they qualify for, and have elected to, use another period for filing.