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Examples of "filippo_boncompagni"
Filippo Boncompagni (September 7, 1548 – June 9, 1586) was an Italian Cardinal, created by Pope Gregory XIII (his uncle) on June 2, 1572.
Filippo Guastavillani was born in Bologna September 28, 1541, the son of Bolognese patricians Angelo Michele Guastavillani and Giacoma Boncompagni. His mother was the sister of Pope Gregory XIII. He was the cousin of Cardinal Filippo Boncompagni.
However, even following "Romanum decet pontificem", only three of the eight Popes of the 18th century failed to make a nephew or brother cardinal. The College of Cardinals apparently preferred rule by nephews than by favorites, which they perceived as the alternative; for example, the College urged Pope Benedict XIII (1724–1730) to appoint a cardinal-nephew, who they hoped would replace Benedict XIII's notorious lieutenant Niccolò Coscia. Pope Gregory XIII (1572–1585) also had to be urged by key figures in the College to appoint his cardinal-nephew: Filippo Boncompagni.
Information on his early life is scarce. He was born in Verona, lived in Rome in 1582 in the service of Cardinal Filippo Boncompagni, and then in the next year traveled throughout Calabria, probably looking for a job as an organist. In 1584 and 1585 he held a series of part-time posts at various churches in Rome. Orvieto Cathedral hired him in 1587, but he did not stay long, returning to Verona in 1589. In the early 1590s he returned to Rome for reasons unknown, and died there. According to his epitaph, Pope Clement VIII granted him the title Knight of the Golden Spur.
The Jesuits used the existing block of buildings, awaiting a benefactor to build a college building for their burgeoning student population on their more than ample land. That benefactor came in the person of Pope Gregory XIII who took a liking to the nascent institution and in 1574 assigned larger annuities. Then in 1581 with funding from the Pope and his relatives, on 11 January 1582 his nephew Cardinal Filippo Boncompagni laid the foundation stone for the new college building, designed by Florentine architect Bartolomeo Ammannati. Classes began on 28 October 1584. A picture on display at the Roman College shows Pope Gregory XIII present at the inauguration.