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Finnsnes Idrettslag is a sports club from Finnsnes, Norway. It is most known for its association football department, which played in the Norwegian Second Division. It was promoted for the 2012 season.
High-speed craft regularly go between Harstad and Tromsø, Finnsnes, Senja and other places.
Troms Folkeblad is a newspaper published in Troms, Norway. Its main office is located in Finnsnes.
Finnsnes has several small boroughs surrounding it, forming one large urban area. These are Sandvika/Skogen, Finnfjordbotn, Nygård, Trollvika, and Silsand. Over the last 100 years, the town has grown from a small farm community into the center for commerce in the small region. Finnsnes has experienced extensive growth both commercially and industrially the last few decades. The town has a population (2013) of 4,371, which gives the town a population density of . In 2000, the village of Finnsnes was granted town status.
In January 2015 Koppinen joined Finnsnes IL as assistant coach to Bjørn Johansen, a former teammate from Tromsø.
Lenvik and the surrounding region has gone through a positive development, having had the largest growth in trade and industry in Troms county, related to the size of the population. The municipality is making efforts to provide facilities for companies that plan to establish activity in the region. The millennium town of Finnsnes is also the regional centre in middle part of Troms, and a centre of trade and service for about 35,000 people. Every summer, the town prepares for the one-week summer festival, "Finnsnes i Fest", aiming to put Finnsnes on the map. Finnsnes has two hotels. Good transportation connections make Finnsnes an attractive place for conferences. Trade and service provides employment for many people, but Lenvik also has major companies for fish processing and fishing tackle, and a melting work. Fishing and agriculture is still very important, and fish farming is of increasing importance for the employment of people. Prospects of education are good in the municipality.
The first church was built around 1150 at Bjorelvnes, and for a century, this was the northernmost church in the world. Important villages in the past include Klauva and Gibostad. Gibostad was the administrative centre until the 1960s, when the administration was moved to Finnsnes. In 2000, Finnsnes was declared a town.
There are three soccer clubs in the town, Finnsnes IL playing in the second division, FK Pioneer playing in the fifth division, and FK Senja also playing in the second division. Over the years there has been an extensive rivalry between the clubs Finnsnes IL and FK Senja, this being largely due to the geography of the town.
For a long time, Gibostad was the administrative centre of Lenvik, but the administration was moved to Finnsnes during the 1960s, following the growth of that city. Gibostad is the largest village on northern Senja, located about midway between Botnhamn and Finnsnes, where the strait of Gisundet is narrowest. The village of Bjorelvnes and Lenvik Church lie directly across the strait from Gibostad.
“Midt-Tromshallen” is an indoor football centre for the region, and at the same time a hall made for a variety of activities. There are also two major outdoor football stadiums at Finnsnes and Silsand. The local museum at Bjorelvnes is located about north of Finnsnes.
Finnsnes () is a small town located in the municipality of Lenvik in Troms county, Norway. The town is located on the mainland part of Norway, across the Gisundet strait from the island of Senja. The Gisund Bridge connects Finnsnes to the suburban villages of Silsand and Laukhella on the island of Senja. The municipality is well provided with kindergartens and a decentralized school system on both primary and secondary level. There are also three schools on upper secondary/high school level and a centre for decentralized studies on university level. Finnsnes Church is located in the center of the town.
Adnan Čaušević (born 10 January 1990) is a Norwegian footballer who plays as a defender for Finnsnes IL. The Bosnian-born Adnan was granted a Norway citizenship.
Ørn-Horten, Lillehammer, Brumunddal, Skeid, Buvik, Aalesund 2, Jerv, Mandalskameratene, Randaberg, Mjølner, Finnsnes and Stabæk 2 were relegated from 2012 Norwegian Second Division.
Østsiden, Gjøvik FF, Grorud, Birkebeineren, Jerv, Egersund, Brann 2, Fana, Træff, Buvik, Mo and Finnsnes were promoted from 2011 3. Divisjon as winners of their groups.
Morten Moldskred (born 13 June 1980) is a Norwegian football player who currently plays for Finnsnes IL. He plays as a midfielder or forward.
In the summer of 2015 he went back to Vard, only to move to the city of Tromsø again in 2016. He signed for the nearby team Finnsnes.
This deanery covers six municipalities on and around the island of Senja in Troms county. The deanery is headquartered in the town of Finnsnes in Lenvik.
The town has become known as the "Gateway to Senja: the land of contrasts", which brands itself being the Fairytale Island ("Eventyrøya"). There are several attractions in Finnsnes and Senja and for tourists Finnsnes is the reference point when sightseeing in the region. The island is also called the Island of Adventure, and is a Norway in miniature with mountains and fjords, small communities, nature, culture and people, hospitality and go-ahead spirit, and all kinds of weather.
Finnsnes Church () is a parish church in the municipality of Lenvik in Troms county, Norway. It is located in the central part of the town of Finnsnes. The church is part of the Lenvik parish in the Senja deanery in the Diocese of Nord-Hålogaland. The white stone church was built in 1979 and was consecrated by Bishop Kristen Kyrre Bremer. The church seats about 750 people.
In 2007 he started as assistant coach in Finnsnes IL. He was appointed as head coach of Røa IL in 2008, then assistant coach and player developer in Mjøndalen IF in 2010, and head coach of Flekkefjord FK in 2011.