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Flavio Tosi is an Italian politician, who has been the mayor of Verona since 2007.
Coletto was once a close ally of Flavio Tosi, who imposed his name for minister of Health in 2010, but has since become an ally of Luca Zaia.
The current mayor of Verona is Flavio Tosi, an independent former Lega Nord's politician, leading an alliance composed by Lega Nord-Liga Veneta, Brothers of Italy and Tosi List for Veneto.
She was first elected to the Chamber of Deputies in 2001, but she failed re-election five years later. In 2007, however, she replaced Flavio Tosi as Health regional minister of Veneto in Galan III Government.
Its leader is Flavio Tosi, mayor of Verona and former leader of Liga Veneta–Lega Nord, who was ejected from it in the run-up of the 2015 Venetian regional election, due to his opposition to Matteo Salvini's political line.
Tosi List for Veneto (, LTV) is a centrist and regionalist political party in Veneto, Italy, named after its leader Flavio Tosi. The party emerged in 2015 as a split from Liga Veneta–Lega Nord.
In March 2015 Negro followed her mentor Flavio Tosi out of the party and in the following regional election she was elected to the Regional Council of Veneto for "Il Veneto del Fare", a list linked to the Tosi List for Veneto, in the province of Verona.
In the 2008 general election he was elected to the Chamber of Deputies, where he served as vice president of Lega Nord's parliamentary group. Five years later he got a low slot in the party's slate, due to his bad relations with Liga Veneta's new leader Flavio Tosi, and was not re-elected.
In the 2015 regional election NCD formed a joint list with the Union of the Centre (under the banner of Popular Area) and supported Flavio Tosi, Liga Veneta's former leader and splinter, for President. The list won a mere 2.0% of the vote, but its leader Marino Zorzato was re-elected to the Regional Council.
After the election, Giancarlo Galan formed his third government. Due to the new strength of Liga Veneta, which received about 2/3 of the vote for Forza Italia, the coalition balance was clearly changed in favour of Liga Veneta. This party had both the post of President of the Regional Council for Marino Finozzi and the most important ministry, the Health ministry, for Flavio Tosi (who was replaced by Francesca Martini in 2007).
The party's national secretary is Gianantonio Da Re, while its president will be elected soon. Flavio Tosi, mayor of Verona, served as secretary from June 2012 through March 2015, when he was ejected from the federal party and replaced by federal commissioner Gianpaolo Dozzo. This led to one of the largest splits in the party's history: in the 2015 regional election the resulting Tosi List for Veneto and Tosi obtained 7.1% and 11.9%, respectively.
In 2012 Marcato, an ardent Venetist, supporter of Luca Zaia, close ally of Massimo Bitonci and loyal to former Lega Nord leader Umberto Bossi, was also elected provincial secretary of Liga Veneta, making Padua the only province of Veneto where the old guard held, but soon started to clash with the party's new national secretary, Flavio Tosi. In this respect, Marcato was twice suspended by Tosi from his role and came very close to being ejected from the party altogether.
In December 2015, during a national congress, Gianluca Vinci (204 votes) beat Matteo Rancan (143) and was elected secretary. The vote was setback for Lega Nord's federal secretary Matteo Salvini, who supported Rancan: though not an "anti-salviniano", Vinci was once close to Flavio Tosi, a Venetian leader who was ejected by Salvini from the party earlier that year, and a more independent figure. In January 2016 Giovanni Tombolato was elected national president.
Gian Paolo Gobbo and Luca Zaia have long been the leaders of the wing from Treviso, which has its roots in the original Liga Veneta and is more Venetist in character, while the Verona wing, whose standard-bearers have been Flavio Tosi, Federico Bricolo and Lorenzo Fontana, is more conservative and has stronger links with Lega Lombarda. While "Lighisti" from Venice are usually closer to Gobbo and Zaia, those from Vicenza and Padua are set somewhere in the middle between Treviso and Verona.
After having supported Giancarlo Galan (The People of Freedom, PdL) for ten years as President of Veneto, Liga Veneta–Lega Nord (that received 28.4% of the vote in the 2009 European Parliament election in Veneto compared to the 29.3% of the PdL), soon reclaimed the post of President for one of itself, with Luca Zaia (Minister of Agriculture in Berlusconi IV Cabinet) or Flavio Tosi (Mayor of Verona and most popular mayor of Italy) as likeliest choices.
Following Toni's retirement from professional football at the end of the 2015–16 season with Verona, the Italian Football Federation paid tribute to him before Italy's friendly match against Finland at the Stadio Bentegodi in Verona on 6 June 2016; he was presented with a commemorative shirt by FIGC President Carlo Tavecchio, and was awarded a city plaque by Verona's mayor, Flavio Tosi, and the town's sports councillor, Alberto Bozza.
At the beginning of June, after having secured the leadership of several national sections of the party, Maroni and his followers scored two big victories at the congresses of the two largest "nations", Lombardy and Veneto: Matteo Salvini was elected secretary of Lega Lombarda with 74% of the votes, while Flavio Tosi fended off a challenge by the Venetists' and Bossi's loyalists' standard-bearer Massimo Bitonci, defeating him 57%–43%.
In the 2005 regional election the LV gained 14.7% of the vote, despite the presence of other two Venetist parties (North-East Project and Liga Fronte Veneto, 5.4% and 1.2% respectively), and was decisive for the third re-election of Giancarlo Galan as President of Veneto. After the election, the LV joined the Galan III Government, with Luca Zaia Vice President of the Region and minister of Agriculture and Flavio Tosi minister of Health.
Lega Nord often criticises the European Union (it was the only party in the Italian Parliament, along with the Communist Refoundation Party, to vote against the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe, but voted in favour of the Treaty of Lisbon) and opposes what it calls the "European superstate", favoring instead a "Europe of the Regions". Especially under the leadership of Matteo Salvini and the influence of professor Claudio Borghi, the party has proposed the abandonment of the Euro by Italy, although this has been opposed by some party heavyweights, notably including Flavio Tosi.