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Examples of "fleschen"
Karl Fleschen (born 28 June 1955 in Daun, Rhineland-Palatinate) is a retired West German runner who specialized in the 3000, 5000 and 10,000 metres.
He was one of the runners that set a world record of 14:38.8 minutes in the 4x1500 metres relay in 1977, together with Thomas Wessinghage, Michael Lederer, and Karl Fleschen. He ran 3:40.2 minutes on the second leg.
2 September Most of this final was run at a slow and tactical pace. 1,000 metres was passed approximately in 2:44, while 2,000 metres took around 5:28. Finland's Martti Vainio, who had stunned many long-distance running fans on the opening day by winning the 10,000-metre race, shared the lead with West Germany's Frank Zimmermann. Only Portugal's Fernando Mamede, a talented but notably nervous runner, started to lose contact at this stage. Before 3,000 metres, Britain's Nick Rose surged into the lead, dropping West Germany's Christoph Herle, and reaching 3,000 metres in 8:09.5. During the next kilometre, despite the rather slow pace, also West Germany's Karl Fleschen and Frank Zimmermann, East Germany's Jörg Peter, Belgium's Léon Schots, the Soviet Union's Boris Kuznetsov, and his team mate Enn Sellik dropped from the lead group. Vainio was leading at 4,000 metres in 10:53.3. He was followed by Rose, Romania's Ilie Floroiu, Italy's Venanzio Ortis, the Soviet Union's Aleksandr Fyodotkin, Switzerland's Markus Ryffel, and Ireland's John Treacy. Sellik tried to catch the leading group, but could not. At 4,600 metres, reached in about 12:30-12:31, the seven-runner leading group was still tightly together. Around 4,700 metres, Floroiu suddenly rushed past Vainio who could, however, still increase his pace. Rose started to drop from the lead group, and for a few crucial seconds, Treacy lingered behind him. Vainio managed to keep his lead until the second half of the final bend, when Ryffel, Ortis, and Fyodotkin sprinted past him. During the first half of the home straight, also Floroiu and Treacy managed to pass Vainio. While Ortis narrowly but decisively passed Ryffel and Fyodotkin, Treacy kicked past Floroiu, and kept closing in on the three leading runners. He would have needed, however, at least 10 to 20 metres more to catch them. Despite his narrow victory, Ortis raised his arms in triumph, while Fyodotkin and Ryffel crossed the finish line so tied that even the finish-line camera could not separate them. This was a very tight finish for a major championship final, with the first four runners crossing the line in 0.3 seconds, the first five runners in 0.8 seconds, and the first six runners in 1.2 seconds. (See Tapio Pekola et al. (eds.), EM-Praha 1978 (European Championships in Prague 1978), Kaarina, Finland: Juoksija-lehti (Runner Magazine), 1978;