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Examples of "flickenschildt"
A street, Elisabeth-Flickenschildt-Straße, was named for her in Spandau, Berlin.
Elisabeth Ida Marie Flickenschildt (16 March 1905, in Hamburg – 26 October 1977, in Guderhandviertel) was a German actress, producer and author. She appeared in dozens of German language films and television productions between 1935-1976.
Captain Wronski (German:Rittmeister Wronski) is a 1954 West German spy film directed by Ulrich Erfurth and starring Willy Birgel, Elisabeth Flickenschildt and Antje Weisgerber. A Polish officer works undercover in 1930s Berlin to discover Nazi Germany's plans against his homeland.
A Girl Goes Ashore (German:Ein Mädchen geht an Land) is a 1938 German drama film directed by Werner Hochbaum and starring Elisabeth Flickenschildt, Günther Lüders and Heidi Kabel. It is set in the port city of Hamburg.
Einer frisst den anderen (released as Dog Eat Dog!, in the United States) is a 1964 German crime drama film that starred Jayne Mansfield, Cameron Mitchell, Dodie Heath, Ivor Salter, Isa Miranda, Elisabeth Flickenschildt, Werner Peters, and Pinkas Braun.
Tante Frieda – Neue Lausbubengeschichten is a 1965 West German comedy film directed by Werner Jacobs and starring Elisabeth Flickenschildt, Hans Kraus and Gustav Knuth. It is based on the 1907 novel "Tante Frieda" by Ludwig Thoma.
Marriage of Affection (German: Neigungsehe) is a 1944 German historicaldrama film directed by Carl Froelich and starring Henny Porten, Elisabeth Flickenschildt and Käthe Dyckhoff. It was released as a direct sequel to "The Buchholz Family".
"Oh My Darling Daughter" was filmed in West Germany in 1974 as "" ("When Mother Went on Strike"). The film was directed by Eberhard Schröder and starred Peter Hall (as "Dr. Harry Kemper"), Johanna Matz (Clementine), Belinda Mayne (Viola), Gila von Weitershausen (Gloria), and Elisabeth Flickenschildt (Aunt Clarissa).
In the 1936 film "Rembrandt" she is depicted as a highly unpleasant, shrewish and conniving woman. She is portrayed by Gertrude Lawrence, making one of her very rare film appearances. She also appears in Peter Greenaway's film "Nightwatching", played by Jodhi May. Again she is portrayed negatively, as a spy hired by conspirators to discredit Rembrandt. She also appears in the 1942 German film "Rembrandt" played by Elisabeth Flickenschildt.
In 1955 he succeeded Gustaf Gründgens as ' of the . He staged the premiere in German of Beckett's "Happy Days" in Düsseldorf in 1961. He also worked closely with the playwrights Eugène Ionesco and Heinrich Böll. His actors included Bernhard Minetti and Ernst Schröder, Elisabeth Bergner, Elisabeth Flickenschildt, Paula Wessely, Ernst Deutsch and Fritz Kortner. His production of Ionesco's ' was performed in the first "Berliner Theatertreffen" (Berlin theatre meeting) in 1964. He also staged works by Arthur Miller and Sławomir Mrożek. During his era, a new building of the was built that he opened in 1970. Occasionally he still acted, for example as narrator in Shakespeare's Perikles at age 77.
Arriving on an "deserted" island, Lylle, ensures everyone that he is in charge. However, Lady Xenia (Flickenschildt) and her butler Jannis (Peters), are on the island, so Lady Xenia can die in peace. Also arriving on the island is hotel owner, Livio, who has left his "girlfriend", Madame Benoit (Miranda), at the hotel to take care of the police detective (Robert Gardett), who has been asking questions about the robbers. But what Dolph, Lylle, and Darlene, don't know is; everyone else there on the island knows they're the robbers of the one-million dollars, and that they want the money.
The repeated casting of the same actors, generally for similar roles, is typical for the sixties Wallace movies as well. Among the most popular investigators are Joachim Fuchsberger, Heinz Drache and Siegfried Lowitz. Shady characters were mostly played by Fritz Rasp, Pinkas Braun, Harry Wüstenhagen and especially Klaus Kinski, while comic relief was offered by Eddi Arent, Siegfried Schürenberg and later Hubert von Meyerinck, or even Chris Howland. Additionally, well-known film and stage actors like Elisabeth Flickenschildt, Gert Fröbe, Dieter Borsche, Lil Dagover and Rudolf Forster repeatedly acted in important guest roles.