Synonyms for flohwalzer or Related words with flohwalzer

blutharsch              zibet              lachende              totmacher              sirarpie              todesking              brivele              zauberlehrling              rauchfangkehrer              schadet              orchideengarten              feinschmecker              giftpilz              untertan              busant              tunkeler              fahnder              zauberer              nachsommer              schwanendreher              groyser              wixxer              kuhhandel              schandfleck              wahrheitsfreund              kreidekreis              bettelstudent              hovagimian              trihs              wetsidee              nationalepos              verliebte              augenzeuge              musterknabe              geheimnisvolle              vejrer              kriminalist              leiermann              todestunnel              arbeyter              einzug              unterbrochene              widerspenstigen              bergdoktor              eisenrost              stadtstreicher              trommler              lacht              gedanke              aufstand             

Examples of "flohwalzer"
"The Celebrated Chop Waltz" is sometimes confused with "Der Flohwalzer" (the "Flea Waltz"), which in the UK is also known by the name "Chopsticks".
Eric Baumann (born 1962) is a German musicologist. He is an authority on the work of Karl May. He is better known popularly for his humorous book "Der Komponist Ferdinand Loh" ("The Composer Ferdinand Loh"), which is about the anonymous children's piece "Der Flohwalzer."
There are also various references to real-world literary and musical works. The titles of two short stories in the manga, "Campanella's Forest" and , refer to the two main characters of Kenji Miyazawa's novel "Night on the Galactic Railroad". It appears in the penultimate episode of the anime and is also a favorite book of the original Marika Ukita. In both the manga and the live-action adaptation, Kei makes a request for Shu to play the piano piece "Der Flohwalzer", known in Japan as , if he becomes the first in their group to go into space.
The roads change color when the car drives over them, indicating that that specific road has been painted. There are three main obstacles: police, cats, and spikes. The police chase after the car, and if a police car comes into contact with the main character's car, the car "explodes" by turning into a group of hearts, and the player loses a life. To combat this, the player can obtain cans of oil, which can be used to cause the police cars to spin out of control, allowing the player to bump them off the screen. Other enemies include a cat, which, when hit, causes the player to lose an extra life as the cat goes diagonally off the screen (but does not cause the car to "explode") with playing of a comical music, "Der Flohwalzer", known as "Neko Funjatta" (I Stepped on the Cat) in Japan. There is also spikes, which make the car "explode" on contact.