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Examples of "floodlight"
The club have enjoyed many cup successes, winning the Sussex Professional Cup in 1970, the Gilbert Rice Floodlight Cup in 1980 and 1984, the Southern Counties Combination Floodlight Cup in 1986, and the Sussex Senior Cup in 1990 and 1991. The Sussex Floodlight Cup was won in three consecutive years from 1991 to 1993 and also again in 1998–99.
Narrow beam (spotlight) vs wide beam (floodlight), vs focusing (by adjustable lens or reflector):
"The match against Swansea was abandoned after 60 minutes due to floodlight failure."
Mick Hastain (Horsham FC) Floodlight Cup winners (1983–84, 1984–85, 1998–99)
Game re-arranged from 8 January; original tie abandoned due to floodlight failure
2016 PUBLICA 2016, outdoor public sculpture installations sponsored by the Floodlight Foundation, New Delhi
reach the Wiltshire County FA Youth Floodlight League final, narrowly losing to Chippenham Youth.
A floodlight is an artificial light providing even illumination across a wide area.
In 2008, a 1400 lux density floodlight system was installed as well as a new electronic scoreboard.
G. Game abandoned after 73 minutes due to floodlight issues. Result needs to be ratified by Rugby Football League
The grounds consist of three pitches, one with floodlight facilities, which are used regularly by both senior and youth teams.
The upper tier was built about a decade later, with the current floodlight towers built in the late 1960s.
After floodlight troubles threatened to harm the match, the visitors played some great Rugby, and won 38–16.
Erection of four permanent floodlight pylons. The work should start for the start of the 2015 season.
In 1986 a scoreboard was installed above the north stand of the stadium and four floodlight pylons were erected.
Fortified zones had the same departments of divisions. They added documentation, artillery, engineering, communications and floodlight projectors.
The floodlight system at the stadium produces a lighting of 823 lux and consists of four pillars and additional lights at the roof of the south stand. Some of the floodlight pillars fell down during a storm in the mid-1960s, a few years after they were built. Since then, the steel construction pillars have been reinforced by a system of long steel wires, at two levels (at approx. half their height and at the top) between each other in a rectangular pattern, and are anchored in huge blocks of concrete. They are currently (late summer 2013) the highest floodlight pillars used for football in Sweden.
Having spent two seasons in the Gloucestershire County Youth League, the team moved back to the Somerset Floodlight Youth League for 2009–10 under new manager Richard Trott.
The match featuring Rapid Wien Am. and SV Mattersburg had to be abandoned at half time due to floodlight failure. It was replayed in full on December 10.
His West Ham footballing career started as a reserve player before making his first full appearance in the Southern Floodlight Cup, against Reading, in April 1956.