Synonyms for flutters or Related words with flutters

sways              fluttering              swooping              billow              swoops              flinging              drooped              wriggling              whirls              flailing              heaved              undulates              midair              creeps              billowing              slithering              fluttered              flapping              bellowing              swims              flapped              crouches              jerked              twitched              whirled              jiggle              screaming              leaping              twirl              bobbing              soars              tugged              pulsate              droops              scampering              calms              galloping              wiggled              yanking              puling              crumples              jolted              limply              slithers              throb              waggling              wriggles              howled              wriggle              twirled             

Examples of "flutters"
Shooting a white deer, snow flutters around the skies;
"Voltiges et vertiges" – Sonnets psychédéliques (Flutters and Vertigo) (1970)
incecikten bir kar yağar, --- ("With its tender flakes, snow flutters about,")
Beneath the shade of one flag that flutters above lofty hill tops.
The song is known by its chorus "Unsere Fahne flattert uns voran" ("Our flag flutters before us").
1981 – From the record single "Flutters" (double sided record featuring Philip Ridley as part of the band "Haunted Staircase")
Tales about the "Wütender Nachtkrapp" (German, lit. "angry night raven") are less common. Instead of abducting children, it simply crows loudly and flutters its wings, until the children have been terrorized into silence.
The species is unobtrusive and reserved (though less shy than the chiming wedgebill), except when calling. While foraging, individuals make short flights (small flutters and glides) or run between cover.
The song-flight during the mating season is an amazing spectacle. The bird flutters high over the ground, then holds its wings in an open "V" and "parachutes" down to its perch uttering its song consisting of short "tweets" and "cheeps" in three syllables followed by a longer fourth syllable. This combination is repeated till the bird perches again.
Ruby the Red Fairy is the first book in the Rainbow Magic series. In this book, Rachel and Kirsty meet each other on a boat ride to Rainspell Island and find Ruby in a pot at the end of a rainbow. They find out that something terrible has happened. Ruby tells them before she flutters them off to meet the fairy king and queen.
Glandulocaudines have complex courtship behavior. In "C. riisei", the male has paddle-shaped extensions of the operculum which can be extended perpendicular to its body and twitches and flutters due to movements of his body; the female follows and nips at these projections during courtship.
The floating man argument is concerned with one who falls freely in the air. This subject knows himself, but not through any sense perception data. Floating or suspending refers to a state in which the subject thinks on the basis of his own reflection without any assistance from sense perception or any material body. This mind flutters over the abyss of eternity.
Inside the compound is a salon and garden. The garden is a collection of a hundred butterfly food plant species. Among these plants flutters around 50 local and foreign species of butterflies. Some rare species are hatched in captivity and later released.
The male woodlark has a song flight similar to that of the Eurasian skylark but flutters more as he rises and spirals upwards, circling the ground as he sings at a fairly constant height. Both male and female birds will also sing from the ground or a perch. Birds start singing early in the season, usually around February in Britain.
The term ‘flutter echo’ is used in relation to a particular form of reverberation that flutters in amplitude. It has no direct connection with flutter as described here, though the mechanism of modulation through cancellation may have something in common with that described above.
The crooks comedy tells the story of the Hamburg street dealer Ali. Made with Polaroid photos he flutters his parents living in Turkey before a successful career. When his parents announce their surprise visit to Germany, Ali remains a day to find a way out of this dilemma. Three Turkish tailor to help him find a solution.
A rose and a violet have both become enamoured by a gorgeous butterfly who flutters around them, paying court to their sweet embrace. The blossoms attempt to succeed the other with their floral charms, however at the end of these proceedings, the butterfly chooses to fly away rather than exclude one over the other.
Artemis has brought Hippolyt's body to Nemi in Italy. She brings him back to life and locks him in a cage, giving him a new name: Virbius (Man-Twice). Phaedra, as a bird of the underworld, flutters around the cage, mocking Hippolyt.
The male pauraque's song is very variable, but includes a whistled "weeeow wheeooo" ("who-r-you"), soft "puk puk" and a "whip" given in the courtship flight as he flutters around the female. Her call is a rapid succession of "whip" sounds.