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Examples of "fluxbox"
Stacking window managers include Amiwm, Blackbox, Enlightenment, Fluxbox, FVWM, IceWM, MWM, Openbox and Window Maker.
The Fluxbox Window Manager was an option in all editions except Frodo.
Fluxbox also has several features Blackbox lacks, including tabbed windows and a configurable titlebar.
Older releases, now obsolete, included editions that featured GNOME, LXDE, and Fluxbox desktop environments by default.
The early versions of Lumina, a desktop environment created for TrueOS, were based on Fluxbox.
Customization is done by editing configuration files in the .fluxbox subdirectory in the user's home directory:
The fonts were incorporated as screen fonts in themes for the Blackbox and Fluxbox window managers.
As of Manjaro 0.8.11, many community editions have been created which include the following: Netbook, Cinnamon, PekWM, Fluxbox, MATE, LXQt, Enlightenment, GNOME and LXDE.
There are seven editions of Salix; MATE, Xfce, Fluxbox, OpenBox, KDE, and Ratpoison editions, each of which features the respective desktop environment.
Because of its small memory footprint and quick loading time, Fluxbox is popular in many Live CDs such as GParted. It was the default window manager of Damn Small Linux and antiX, but was replaced with JWM in 2007 and 2009 respectively. It is currently the default window manager of PCFluxboxOS, a remaster of PCLinuxOS, and of Linux Mint Fluxbox CE. Fluxbuntu, an Ubuntu derivative with lightweight applications, was released in October 2007.
Fluxbox is a stacking window manager for the X Window System, which started as a fork of Blackbox 0.61.1 in 2001, with the same aim to be lightweight. Its user interface has only a taskbar, a pop-up menu accessible by right-clicking on the desktop, and minimal support for graphical icons. All basic configurations are controlled by text files, including the construction of menus and the mapping of key-bindings. Fluxbox has high compliance to the Extended Window Manager Hints specification.
Packages of the IceWM desktop, Fluxbox and Enlightenment are also available via Puppy's PetGet package (application) management system (see below). Some derivative distributions, called "puplets", come with default window managers other than JWM.
A number of people have run Linux on the Z2. The most common implementation uses Debian with the Fluxbox window manager. This installation supports mouse emulation, the dillo web browser, pidgin, and other Linux programs.
Created in 2012 by Ken Moore, Lumina was initially a set of extensions to Fluxbox, a stacking window manager for the X Window System. By late 2013, Moore had developed a graphical overlay for Fluxbox based on Qt4, and had created a utility for "launching applications and opening files". The codebase was integrated into the PC-BSD source repository by early 2014, and a port was added to the FreeBSD Ports collection in April 2014. The source code has since been moved to a separate GitHub repository "under the PC-BSD umbrella" and converted to use Qt5. Development also focused on replacing the Fluxbox core with a Qt-based window manager integrated with the Lumina desktop.
Xvfb is also used for remote control. VNC over SSH is slightly faster than X11 over SSH. In this case, Xvfb is often combined with a lightweight window manager such as Fluxbox and a VNC server such as X11vnc. A possible sequence of commands to start this on the server is:
Since version 4.1, Sabayon has been released in two different flavors featuring either the GNOME or KDE desktop environments, with the ultralight Fluxbox environment included as well. (In the previous versions all three environments were included in a DVD ISO image).
FreeSBIE is a live CD, an operating system that is able to load directly from a bootable CD with no installation process or hard disk. It is based on the FreeBSD operating system. Its name is a pun on frisbee. Currently, FreeSBIE uses Xfce and Fluxbox.
Anonym.OS was a Live CD operating system based on OpenBSD 3.8 with strong encryption and anonymization tools. The goal of the project was to provide secure, anonymous web browsing access to everyday users. The operating system was OpenBSD 3.8, although many packages have been added to facilitate its goal. It used Fluxbox as its window manager.
LXDE uses rolling releases for the individual components (or group of components with coupled dependencies). The default window manager used is Openbox, but a third-party window manager may be configured to be used with LXDE, such as Fluxbox, IceWM or Xfwm. LXDE includes GPL-licensed code as well as LGPL-licensed code.
X window managers that are meant to be usable stand-alone — without another desktop environment — also include elements reminiscent of those found in typical desktop environments, most prominently Enlightenment. Other examples include OpenBox, Fluxbox, WindowLab, Fvwm, as well as Window Maker and AfterStep, which both feature the NeXTSTEP GUI look and feel.