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Examples of "flydaddy"
They released one full-length album, "All Over the Land" in 1997, on Flydaddy Records, preceded by two 1995 7" singles on Tru Luv, "Spinning at 45 Revolutions Per Minute" and "Teen Death".
Black Foliage: Animation Music Volume One is the second studio album by American indie rock band The Olivia Tremor Control, released in 1999 through Flydaddy Records. It was re-released on vinyl in November of 2011 through Chunklet.
The first few thousand copies of the album were released with a bonus CD, "". It has been claimed that this album will produce quadraphonic sound when played at the same time as that disc. However, the two discs differ in length by approximately five minutes, rendering this an unlikely intention. The Flydaddy 017 release was reissued as a double album with "Explanation II" as the second disc. This bonus disc was later re-released as a full album by Flydaddy in 1999 but the most recent Cloud Recordings reissues do not include the extra disc.
Radiator is the second album by Super Furry Animals. It was released in August 1997 by Creation Records, and later the same year in the United States under Flydaddy Records. It peaked at number eight on the UK Albums Chart. In 2005, it was reissued with a bonus disc of other tracks from the time.
The Olivia Tremor Control/The Black Swan Network is an LP released by The Olivia Tremor Control. Within some of these tracks are extracts from The Black Swan Network's dream appeal — taped audio contributions from fans of dreams they've had or would like to have. Also known as the Tour EP or Olivia Tremor Control Vs. Black Swan Network, Flydaddy labelled the record without the band's permission. The band have always called it "Color Squares.
The first Terrastock event was initially conceived by Phil McMullen and Robert Jaz of the Providence, Rhode Island based band V. Majestic in the winter of 1996/1997. Robert Jaz had asked McMullen about holding a benefit concert in Providence, RI for the Ptolemaic Terrascope Zine. As the two formulated a plan for the benefit which quickly grew into more of a festival idea, McMullen suggested the name Terrastock and the two agreed. A wishlist lineup was conceived and a framework originated. The festival was then fully organized by McMullen and Jaz along with Mark Stone of the Providence-based band Medicine Ball, as well as the Newport, RI based record label Flydaddy, which was run by former Sub Pop employees, Kevin O'Leary and Adam Silverman. Flydaddy had previously released a Ptolemaic Terrascope benefit compilation called 'Succor.'
Richard Davies is an Australian-American musician. He first came to prominence in the early 1990s as leader of the Australian band The Moles. Upon moving to the United States, Davies joined with Eric Matthews to form Cardinal, whose debut album, "Cardinal," was released by Flydaddy in 1994. He has since released several solo albums including "There's Never Been a Crowd Like This" (1996), "Telegraph" (1998), and "Barbarians" (2000). In 2009 Davies and Guided by Voices front man Robert Pollard, collaborating under the name Cosmos, released an album, "Jar of Jam / Ton of Bricks." In 2012 Davies and Matthews reformed Cardinal and released a second album, "Hymns."
Explanation II: Instrumental Themes and Dream Sequences is an album by American indie rock band The Olivia Tremor Control, initially released as a bonus CD with the first few thousand copies of their 1996 debut album "". It consists of nine tracks of ambient sounds, recorded by The Olivia Tremor Control, and it has been claimed that the album will produce quadraphonic sound when played in synchronicity with "Dusk at Cubist Castle". "Explanation II" was later re-released on its own by Flydaddy Records in 1998.
Keegan's next and most critically successful band was Departure Lounge. Departure Lounge featured Keegan (vocals and guitar), Jake Kyle (bass guitar), Chris Anderson (piano, keyboards and guitar) and Lindsay Jamieson (drums). Keegan, with Departure Lounge, supported Robyn Hitchcock on a US tour in 1999. Departure Lounge released 3 albums: "Out Of Here" on their own Meek Giant label in 1999 (the US version, "Out Of There" (Flydaddy, 2000), featured a revised track listing), the instrumental album "Jetlag Dreams" (Bella Union/Naive, 2001) and the Kid Loco-produced "Too Late To Die Young" (Bella Union/Naive/Nettwerk, 2002). These albums all received warm critical praise. "Too Late To Die Young" was made 'Album of the Week' on BBC 6 Music.
The band's distinct sound is a mixture of Doss and Hart's pop and experimental tendencies. This chemistry is evident in their albums given that some tracks are 2–3 minute songs, while others are electro-acoustic collages ranging in length from 2 seconds to 10 minutes, and differing in content from vibrant horns to near silence. Furthermore, the band released a record of experimental electro-acoustic music, "The Late Music, Volume One", under the name The Black Swan Network, in 1997. Another Black Swan Network release, a 7" EP on the Happy Happy Birthday to Me label, appeared in 2000, though it did not feature Bill Doss. In October 1997, a "collaborative" LP between the Olivia Tremor Control and The Black Swan Network was released, originally as a tour-only item, and later put out as a CD by Flydaddy, which gave the record the title, The Olivia Tremor Control vs. The Black Swan Network, though the band had never wanted the record to be named as such.
"Mwng" was eventually released on 15 May 2000 in the United Kingdom on CD, cassette, and vinyl, and reached number 11 in the UK Albums Chart. In the United States, "Mwng" was released on 20 June 2000 by Flydaddy, with a bonus CD entitled "Mwng Bach" (; English: "Little Mane") featuring five Welsh language tracks: "Sali Mali", from the 1995 EP "Moog Droog", and four songs which had originally been released in the UK as B-sides. This two-disc version of "Mwng" was reissued in the US in 2005 by XL Recordings/Beggars Banquet US. "Ysbeidiau Heulog" was released as the only single from the album, and failed to chart inside the UK Singles Top 75. Although the Super Furry Animals had "no commercial expectations" for the album, "Mwng" became the first Welsh-language record to reach the Top 20 of the UK album charts, and has frequently been called the biggest-selling Welsh language album of all time. As a result of the record's success, "Mwng" was mentioned in the House of Commons of the United Kingdom by Plaid Cymru's Elfyn Llwyd, who called on his fellow politicians to congratulate the band on their "chart topping new album" and recognise "Mwng" as a celebration of a "new wave of confidence in the Welsh nation". Rhys dismissed Llwyd's statement, saying that the record is very personal and has "bugger all to do with a celebration".