Synonyms for fofongay or Related words with fofongay

nyagisozi              orroak              assentiz              etcheberria              ervedosa              oyhercq              letontu              riogordo              habiague              dupleak              antillorena              baguitan              naviguer              aubres              castiellu              kageyo              querobamba              jauberria              bagilina              pagdalagan              rachiine              simora              konkistaren              colete              hinipaan              lohitzun              retukenos              bowili              fallar              mugano              auritz              menditte              velimachi              lacarry              ramgoonai              catalla              pumwaree              brotte              omwenga              oppedette              liira              montouto              pasea              lakanbalen              nerochori              lourties              nouzerines              gavria              nyamiyaga              tejedora             

Examples of "fofongay"
In 1969, one of his biggest hits was "Facifica Falayfay", where he starred as the gay lead character. It was directed by Luciano “Chaning” Carlos, with whom he worked in 23 of his movies. It was followed by "Fefita Fofongay viuda de Falayfay" in 1973 and "Sarhento Fofongay: A... ewan!" in 1974.
Panchito is perhaps best known for his over 50-plus film team-ups with Dolphy in such movies as "Kalabog en Bosyo" (1959); "Beatnik" (1960); "Si Lucio at Miguel" (1962); "Pepe and Pilar" (1966); "Pacifica Falayfay" (1969); "Fefita Fofongay" (1973); "Bugoy" (1979); and "Bakit Kinagat ni Adan ang Mansanas ni Eba?" (1989). The partnership likewise extended to television, where the duo would co-star in an ABS-CBN variety show, "Buhay Artista" (1965–1972). The tandem was famous for a comedic duet routine wherein one would interrupt the other to offer a mangled translation of the Tagalog lyric into English or vice versa. On July 4, 1966, Dolphy and Panchito would open for The Beatles at the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex during that band's infamously abbreviated concert tour of Manila.