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Examples of "folsach"
Casper von Folsach (born 30 March 1993) is a Danish track cyclist. At the 2012 Summer Olympics, he competed in the Men's team pursuit for the national team.
Nielsen qualified for the Danish squad in the men's team pursuit at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London based on the nation's selection process from the UCI Track World Rankings. He and his teammates Michael Mørkøv, Rasmus Quaade, and Casper von Folsach surpassed the Spaniards by a short distance gap for a fifth-place finish in their final match at 4:02.671.
Trauma, in general, appears to be a important factor, due to the fact that PRS is also repeatedly seen in refugees and witnesses to violence. The helplessness and hopelessness can transmit from parents to children and from children to parents as they watch one another battling with uncontrollable proceedings. Viral infections are repeatedly seen to be a factor in PRS; many cases are thought to begin with a viral infection. There have been other theories regarding the cause of PRS, for instance, the psychodynamic theory of fatal mothering and a potential neurobiological role of the insula. Von Folsach and Montgomery put forth four essential risk factors: (1) a premorbid personality, (2) a history of child psychiatric problems, (3) parental psychiatric problems and (4) sudden stressful events. PRS children are typically known to be perfectionists, conscientious and high achievers. When these children are put in stressful events that they feel they cannot control, they go into a state of learned helplessness. Previous child psychiatric problems can designate a susceptibility to develop PRS when put in stressful situations, and parental psychiatric problems may influence the parents' capability to support and care for their children.