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forayed              seguing              filmentered              segueing              filmdubbed              segued              shoehorned              delved              metamorphosised              cursoroutofrange              shapeshifts              bellevan              forays              woges              slaughterpen              barged              incorpotation              snowballed              sudivided              shapeshifted              travaile              guilted              festivalentered              subdvided              transmogrified              ingermanlandia              segues              vakhund              metamorphosized              dragooned              alwayz              entereth              parlayed              iqll              delves              dividied              godsjourney              foray              helperslogs              archangelgorod              guilts              mcontinuation              delve              goaded              indevader              goads              snuck              cajoled              metamorphose              sauntered             

Examples of "foraying"
She further extended her aesthetic by foraying into jewellery design by collaborating with Amrapali Jewelers, Jaipur royalty-inspired range of costume jewellery.
Mahindra Group, is foraying into the 110cc scooter segment with Gusto. Mahindra Two Wheelers sells 13,445 units during December 2014 –
Enos subsequently moved to Vermont, where he served in the militia as Colonel, Brigadier General and Major General, including commanding troops on the Vermont side of Lake Champlain during the Saratoga campaign to deter John Burgoyne from foraying into Vermont.
2011 saw Ballal foraying into haute couture with the launch of her fashion label. Since then, top models and actresses including Soha Ali Khan, Bruna Abdullah, Gauhar Khan and others have walked the ramp, showcasing her collections.
These nine brothers became so famous in foraying that, in all records since, their names are used as titles of rank, even as the name of King or that of Jarl. They had no children, and all fell in battle.
Beyond Squarefeet from India is another mall management company, which is foraying into various other countries such as India, Iran, Nepal, Nigeria, Qatar, etc. Mall management is slowly becoming a trend and is much sought after services in Asia and other markets.
In 2014, Noam Zur started foraying into the field of composition and orchestration, performing part of Debussy's first book of preludes with the Young Israel Philharmonic Orchestra in December. Further preludes have since been performed in North America and Europe, with the premiere of the entire set scheduled for 2016.
Rajisha Vijayan is an actress in Malayalam Cinema. She made her acting debut in "Anuraga Karikkin Vellam". She has hosted several shows in Malayalam television before foraying into films. She won the Kerala State Film Award for Best Actress 2016 for the film Anuraga Karikkin Vellam.
Spoorthi was born to Jithender Yadagiri and Chaitanya Yadagiri and hails from Rama Krishna Puram, Mandamarri, Adilabad District, Telangana. Her father Mr. Jithender Yadagiri himself is a director who directed more than 20 dramas broadcast by All India Radio besides foraying into directing telugu feature films (Chakri, Veduka, Yamaho yama)
Sudeshna Roy is an Indian film director, actor & writer based in Tollywood. She started her career as an entertainment Journalist before collaborating with director Abhijit Guha and foraying into the film industry.The duo debuted with their first film Shudhu Tumi. Her latest directorial with Abhijit Guha, "Benche Thakar Gaan" was the first Bengali language inaurgal film at the Kolkata International Film Festival of 2016.
The primary focus of research conducted by IURS scientists has since foundation been focused towards underwater robotics, however, in recent times the organisation has started foraying into underwater acoustics, general marine technology and also terrestrial robotics and computer vision systems. IURS is now in the process of setting up national research programmes for students to participate in and gain valuable research experience. The funding for such programmes is to be derived from third-party projects.
URC Construction has grown from a small contract builder working on public sector projects to a multi-million dollar national contractor with a diverse and unparalleled portfolio of successfully completed projects. In the 1950s and 60s, the company started out work with a number of public sector projects such as the construction of canals, dams, irrigation and power projects. In the late 60s, URC entered mass housing projects. The 70s saw the company foraying in to institutional buildings and construction of factories and facilities for core sector industries of sugar, education and textiles.
In 1995, the prolific, British electronic musician Luke Vibert debuted a project called Plug on seminal UK label Rising High Records, where he had previously released material under the name Wagon Christ. The Plug material showcased a different side of Vibert's repertoire, foraying into the genres of drum 'n' bass and jungle, which were reaching their peak in the British club scene. Plug began with a series of 12" EPs, each an anagram of Vibert's name; "Visible Crater Funk", "Rebuilt Kev" and "Versatile Crib Funk", the latter of which was moved under Rising High's sub-label, Blue Angel Records.
The soundtrack and film score were composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja, joining again with director Vishnuvardhan after "Kurumbu" (2004). The soundtrack was released on 10 April 2005 and features 5 tracks with lyrics penned by Pa. Vijay and Snehan. Yuvan Shankar Raja garnered high praise for the "racy" and "peppy songs", the album becoming one of the most successful albums of 2005, while "Behindwoods" placed "Yuvan's music in Arindhum Ariyamalum" on the fifth spot in the list of "Top 5 Innovations of the year" in Tamil cinema. The song "Theepidika", in particular, gained cult status, becoming the "anthem of the season". The album features the singers Mahua Kamat and Anushka Manchanda, former members of the Filmi pop girl group Viva!, foraying into the Tamil Music industry.
Nayanthara made her acting debut in the 2003 Malayalam film "Manassinakkare" with Jayaram and "Vismayathumbathu" with Mohanlal (2004). She also acted in a supporting role in the super hit Malayalam film "Natturajavu" before foraying into Tamil and Telugu cinema. She made her debut in Tamil cinema with "Ayya" (2005) and Telugu with "Lakshmi" (2006). Both were successful. After this she was the female lead in numerous commercially successful Tamil and Telugu films like "Chandramukhi" (2005), "Dubai Seenu" (2007), "Tulasi" (2007), "Billa" (2007), "Yaaradi Nee Mohini" (2008), "Aadhavan" (2009), "Adhurs" (2010), "Simha" (2010), "Boss Engira Bhaskaran" (2010), "Sri Rama Rajyam" (2011), "Raja Rani" (2013), "Arrambam" (2013), "Thani Oruvan" (2015), "Maya" (2015), "Naanum Rowdy Dhaan" (2015), "Babu Bangaram" (2016) and "Iru Mugan" (2016), making her the highest paid actress in South Indian cinema.
ETNs, as debt instruments, are subject to risk of default by the issuing bank as counter party. This is the major design difference between ETFs and ETNs: ETFs are only subject to market risk whereas ETNs are subject to both market risk and the risk of default by the issuing bank. Even though the possibility of default turning into a reality is relatively low, it ought to be measured and accounted for. ETN investors will require a credit risk metric that facilitates answer to questions regarding the magnitude of the risk and its variation with time. With new players foraying into the ETN space, how will the risk vary by issuer? Who will take up the risk evaluation process? If and when the ETN sector grows, in order to participate, retail and institutional investors will need a source for ETN key data which is easy to assimilate.
Delhi's music circuit has seen its share of ups and downs, but has held on largely due to the local presence of "Rock Street Journal". Delhi being the operational home of the Allahabad-based magazine, local bands have benefited by the proximity to India's first dedicated to stories and features based around rock and metal. The Great Indian Rock festival was mostly held in Delhi, now foraying into Kolkata, Mumbai and Bangalore, North-East India and Pune has exposed the upcoming musicians of India to a wider variety of musicians. Notable bands from Delhi include Orange Street, Parikrama, Hundred Octane, Indian Ocean, Them Clones, Menwhopause, Bandish, Advaita, Faridkot, AntarDhvani, Punkh, Midival Punditz, Undying Inc., Mrigya, Guillotine.
Hindustan Thermalprojects (Thermal business) division of HPPPL was incorporated in 2008 with the aim of foraying into infrastructure and thermal power. Operations include coal or gas based generation, transmission and distribution. The company aims to build a thermal generation portfolio of 5000-6000 MW by 2020. Current projects include three ventures in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, with a combined generation capacity of around 5000 MW. The company’s 2520 MW thermal power project at Anuppur, Madhya Pradesh is slated for commission in 2014. Hindustan Thermalprojects, the thermal business of Hindustan Powerprojects (HPPPL) won the National Safety Council (NSCI) award towards implementing effective occupational safety and health practices in its Anuppur unit in Madhya Pradesh. This is the second time in row for this plant.
In an 2015 interview with "Time", Clarkson revealed that she had commissioned club remixes of the tracks from her seventh studio album "Piece by Piece" (2015) as part of their discussion of foraying into different genres—including a possible dance music album. Some of these tracks include "Heartbeat Song", "Take You High", and "Dance with Me", with the intention of releasing them to music clubs in the future. Following a successful response of her rendition of the title track, "Piece by Piece", on the final season of the television competition series "American Idol" on February 25, 2016, Clarkson immediately recorded a studio version of her performance and sub-named it the "Idol Version", which was released on February 29, 2016. On that same day, RCA Records announced the release of "Piece by Piece Remixed" on March 4, 2016, in honor of studio album's anniversary of release in the United States. Containing selections of remixed tracks from "Piece by Piece", the remix album is book-ended by the "Idol Version" of the title track and a live recording of "Tightrope" at the Piece by Piece Tour as it opening and closing songs. It also contains two "Billboard" Dance Club Songs hit singles—"Heartbeat Song:, which peaked at number one; and "Invincible", which peaked at number two.
The actual implementation of this strategy was left to the commander on site, General Walter Walker, a veteran of the Burma Campaign of the Second World War who had learned the hard lessons of the Malayan campaign. Walker realized that a defensive strategy would leave all British forces tied down defending their bases, and instead determined to take the initiative from the aggressive Indonesians. Walker ordered that one-third of a unit should be left defending its base, which would be one of many along the border, while the remainder patrolled the jungle, foraying into Indonesian territory and attempting to keep them tied down at their headquarters instead. Thus, the British would attempt to control the jungle in the style of classic guerrilla warfare. But Walker was walking on a tightrope. His instructions, as were given to most colonial commanders, were to use 'minimum force' so as not to provoke Sukarno into escalating the conflict. However, he had to apply a certain level of destructive power to cow the aggressive and assertive Indonesians.