Synonyms for fotiades or Related words with fotiades

melini              michalakis              papadopulos              potrc              livaditis              trebicka              kersch              kimoulis              vlavianos              michailidis              chiummo              triantafyllides              sfikas              athanassiadis              capellaro              fotinos              sadlo              chircop              vogiatzis              brougos              winbergh              iliopoulou              triantafillidis              kastrinakis              bellia              spiridakis              zivanaris              mouzakis              nikagbatse              titos              strinati              floros              protopappas              efthimiou              formicola              bjelic              manolopoulos              stergiou              karagiorgis              korfas              mavroudis              karalogos              motika              triantafyllidis              aronis              paleologos              meriggi              hentschke              quimet              rosenshein             

Examples of "fotiades"
Axel Bosse Vocals, Björn Krüger Drums, Thorsten Sala Guitar, and Theofilos Fotiades Bass (instrument).
A new building was designed by Bernard Tschumi and Michali Fotiades, and constructed from 2002-2007 on Areopagitou Street. It was inaugurated on Saturday, June 20, 2009, and the entrance fee was 1 euro for the first year, and 5 euros thereafter.
Composed by Koch herself with lyrics by Michael Fotiades, Michalis Rozakis conducted the orchestra. "Panayia Mou, Panayia Mou" was the second entry to represent Greece in the Contest after its debut at the 1974 Contest. Greece had not taken part in the preceding Contest in 1975 in protest of Turkey's debut and its invasion of Cyprus in July 1974. The song was an outcry against the Turkish foreign policy.
The school was founded in the late 19th century, as the growing number of Greek students proved to be more than the Zappeion and Panayia schools could accommodate; in particular, the School of Panayia ("Σταυροδρόμι της Παναγίας") had more than 800 pupils. The community decided to build a new school, and donations were collected from a number of people. Christakis Zografos, who was living in Paris at the time, made the largest contribution, of 10,000 gold liras. In 1890, the Greek community decided that the school be renamed after Zografos. An architectural competition was held, choosing a design by Pericles Fotiades. The school was inaugurated in 1893 and its first alumni were graduated in 1899.