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envers              mieux              vrai              tendresse              pleurer              votre              celui              douleur              amoureux              regarde              toute              seule              voici              entretien              tomber              aussi              complainte              peuvent              douces              fillettes              oublier              tourne              comprendre              laisse              simplement              attente              reviens              retraite              divin              vont              chaque              pleurs              doucement              odeur              monstres              vouloir              doute              raconte              flammes              messieurs              victime              apprendre              papiers              mauvaise              prend              veut              pluie              avaient              enfin              cette             

Examples of "foule"
Tous ces jours passeront ; ils passeront en foule
As Foule had established his reputation by 1768, he must have been active for some years previously and his career may have begun in the 1750s. He is not mentioned in 1770s reports and very few players were mentioned by name in contemporary reports before then. There are no other references to Foule.
The architect of the church was either Edward Foule, Master-Gunner of Fort St. George, or William Dixon, Chief Gunner of the Fort, in 1678.
Grosley a publié une foule d’autres travaux biographiques, littéraires et historiques, dont une partie est insérée dans les journaux du temps.
A cover of her song, La Foule sung by Izzy Bizu was used as BBC Sport's theme song for their coverage of UEFA Euro 2016.
"La Foule" (; "The Crowd") is a song sung by famed French singer Édith Piaf, released in 1957. The song was composed by Ángel Cabral with lyrics written by Michel Rivgauche.
"Une foule n’est accessible qu’à des émotions, elle est incapable d’une attitude d’esprit objective." — A crowd is accessible only to emotions, it is unable of an objective attitude of spirit.
Then came Souchon's biggest hit "Foule sentimentale" from 1993's million-selling "C'est déja ça". At the 20th anniversary of the Victoires de la Musique in 1995, Alain Souchon received the award for best "Chanson Originale" for his song "Foule Sentimentale." In 1996, he received the "le Prix Vincent Scotto" award given by the SACEM (Societe des Auteurs Compositeurs) for his song "Sous les Jupes des Filles". Souchon returned in 2005 with the hugely successful album "La vie Théodore" which contained the hit single "...Et si en plus y'a personne".
Georges Cuvier (1769–1832) praised his "genius eye" but criticized him for keeping himself to simple sketches ("Camper porta, pour ainsi dire en passant, le coup d'œil du génie sur une foule d'objets intéressants, mais presque tous ses travaux ne furent que des ébauches").
"Foule sentimentale" is a 1993 popular song written, composed and performed by the French artist Alain Souchon. The song was released as a single in October 1993 and was the first one from his 1993 album "C'est déjà ça". It achieved success in France.
Between Tarn Crag and Foule Crag is Sharp Edge, an aptly named arête which provides one of the most famous scrambles in the area. Hiker and author Alfred Wainwright noted that: "The crest itself is sharp enough for shaving (the former name was razor edge) and can be traversed only "à cheval" at some risk of damage to tender parts".
Foule (first name and dates unknown) was an English cricketer who played in first-class cricket for Caterham Cricket Club and Surrey during the 1760s. He is recorded in the Caterham v. Bourn match at Westerham in June 1768 and made the top score of 33 in Caterham's second innings total of 150, enabling them to win the match by 14 runs.
The Île d'Yeu lighthouse, sometimes called the Grand Phare (Great Lighthouse) or La Petite Foule, is a French lighthouse constructed on the Île d'Yeu in 1950. The structure, designed by Maurice Durand, is the third serving the site; the original tower, constructed in 1830, was destroyed by German troops near the close of World War II.
Daniel Abenzoar-Foule of Luxembourg won the men’s 100 m and 200 m, taking advantage of the retirement of Anninos Marcoullides. Marcoullides had won the double at the previous two Games and four times in total. Abenzoar finished second to Marcoullides in the 200 m at Malta in 2003.
Daniel Abenzoar-Foule (born 4 September 1981) is a retired French-born athlete who competed internationally for Luxembourg in the sprinting events. He represented that country at the 2005 World Championships and 2006 World Indoor Championships without qualifying for the second round.
Barrot was described by Paul Thureau-Dangin as "the most solemn of the undecided, the most meditating of the unwise, the happiest of the ambitious, the most austere of the courtiers of the crowd" ("le plus solennel des indécis, le plus méditatif des irréfléchis, le plus heureux des ambitieux, le plus austere des courtisans de la foule").
Her music was often autobiographical with her singing reflecting her life, and her specialty being chanson and torch ballads, particularly of love, loss and sorrow. Among her well-known songs are "La Vie en rose" (1946), "Non, je ne regrette rien" (1960), "Hymne à l'amour" (1949), "Milord" (1959), "La Foule" (1957), "" (1955), and "Padam ... Padam ..." (1951).
In England, a parish ale, a feast, was always held after the perambulation, which assured its popularity. In Henry VIII's reign the occasion had become an excuse for so much revelry that it attracted the condemnation of a preacher who declared, "These solemne and accustomable processions and supplications be nowe growen into a right foule and detestable abuse."
In addition to the spurs on the south-east face, Hallsfell also throws out a high ridge to the north. This is the saddle that gives Blencathra its alternative name, rising beyond the dip to the sixth top, Atkinson Pike. This is the focal point for connecting ridges to Bannerdale Crags and Mungrisdale Common to the north. The 'saddle' is bounded by crags to the east, Tarn Crag and Foule Crag being the principal faces.
Painted in 1715 and restored in 1857 by Jean-Louis Nicolas, this work depicts the last judgement ("jugement dernier") and features the Holy Trinity and the four evangelists recognized by their attributes. Behind them are "foule des élus" and the heads of several cherubs. There are further paintings in the vault of the transept. On the eastern side are depictions of the apostles and on the western side are depictions of the Doctors of the church. These were also restored by Nicolas