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parapercis              rubberlip              bathygobius              polydactylus              immaculatus              twospot              soldierfish              randalli              aruensis              plectranthias              scorpaenopsis              klunzinger              cheilopogon              slickhead              canthigaster              shrimpgoby              rivaton              taeniatus              rhinobatos              lepidotrigla              helicolenus              macrophthalmus              microps              ahyong              chrysiptera              albolineatus              nigricauda              sebastapistes              rhynchobatus              ophidion              gomon              bleekeri              heterurus              nigripinnis              ostracion              rhabdosargus              stenogobius              omanensis              stigmatogobius              myersi              barnardi              sarawakensis              sechellensis              nigromarginatus              flavicauda              hasemani              philippinus              chabanaud              opistognathus              prionotus             

Examples of "fourmanoir"
Pierre Fourmanoir (1924–2007) was a French ichthyologist working mainly in New Caledonia. He described many new species of fish including several sharks.
The whitetip moray ("Gymnothorax intesi") is a moray eel found in the western Pacific Ocean, around New Caledonia. It was first named by Fourmanoir and Rivaton in 1979.
Alticus anjouanae is a species of combtooth blenny (family Blenniidae) in the genus "Alticus". Fourmanoir originally placed this species in the genus "Andamia". It is a tropical blenny known from Comoros, Seychelles, and Réunion, in the western Indian Ocean. Males can reach a maximum total length of 7.6 centimetres (2.99 inches). Blennies in this species are oviparous and form distinct pairs when mating. They feed primarily off of benthic algae and weeds.
The pelagic thresher was originally described by Japanese ichthyologist Hiroshi Nakamura on the basis of three large specimens, none of which was designated a type specimen. He illustrated one of the three specimens in his paper, "On the two species of the thresher shark from Formosan waters", published in August 1935. Nakamura also separately illustrated and described a fetus, that Leonard Compagno later concluded was probably of a common thresher. Several authors, including Gohar and Mazhar (1964, Red Sea), Kato, Springer and Wagner (1967, Eastern Pacific), Fourmanoir and Laboute (1976, New Caledonia), Johnson (1978, Tahiti), and Faughnan (1980, Hawaiian Islands) have published illustrations of "common threshers" that were in fact pelagic threshers.
Like the other members of its family, the blacktip reef shark is viviparous, though the details of its life history vary across its range. Its reproductive cycle is annual off northern Australia, with mating taking place from January to February, as well as off Moorea in French Polynesia, where mating occurs from November to March. The cycle is biennial off Aldabra, where intense competition within and between species for food may constrain females to only bearing young every other year. Earlier accounts from the Indian Ocean by Johnson (1978), Madagascar by Fourmanoir (1961), and the Red Sea by Gohar and Mazhar (1964), indicated a biannual cycle in these regions with two breeding seasons per year from June to July and December to January. If accurate, the shorter reproductive cycles of these subpopulations may be a consequence of warmer water.