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Examples of "fournel"
Her father, Jean Fournel, competed for Canada in sprint canoe at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal. Her brother Hugues Fournel also competed at the 2012 Summer Olympics in the Men's K-2 200 metres with Ryan Cochrane.
Jean-François Fournel (1745-21 juli 1820) was a French jurisprudent.
Hugues Fournel (born 1988) is a Canadian canoeist. He was born in Lachine, Quebec. Fournel was the Pan American champion in the men's K-2 200 m together with Ryan Cochrane. He competed in K-2 together with Cochrane at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.
Amelia Rosa Fournel (born February 22, 1977 in Santa Fe) is an Argentine sport shooter. She produced a career tally of five medals, including four (two silver and two bronze) from the Pan American Games, and was selected to compete for Argentina in two editions of the Olympic Games (1996 and 2000). Having pursued the sport since the age of fifteen, Fournel trained full-time for the Santa Fe Shooting Federation () in her native Santa Fe, under her personal coach and brother Claudio Fournel.
Fournel competed in the K-4 500 m event at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, but was eliminated in the semifinals, and the K-1 200 m and 500 m at the 2012 Summer Olympics.
Marguerite Briet was a noblewoman from Abbeville, but wrote in Paris in the 1530s and 1540s. She was well educated, learning enough Latin to be able to translate Virgil. She married Philippe Fournel, Sieur de Crenne, but they separated financially.
Ryan Cochrane (born July 24, 1983) is a Canadian canoeist. He was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He competed in K-2 (both 200m and 1000m) together with Hugues Fournel at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.
Fournel's daughter, Émilie, competed for Canada in sprint canoe at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. Emilie and her brother Hugues Fournel both competed for Canada in sprint canoe at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.
At the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Fournel qualified for her second Argentine squad in rifle shooting, by having registered a minimum Olympic qualifying standard of 388 and finishing third from the 1999 Pan American Games in Winnipeg, Canada. In the 10 m air rifle, Fournel could not improve her previous Olympic feat in the qualifying stage, as she logged a dismal score of 390 out of 400 that ended her up in a twenty-eighth place tie with three other shooters. In her second event, 50 m rifle 3 positions, Fournel fired 188 in the prone and 177 each in both standing and kneeling to accumulate an overall record of 542 points, leaving her towards the bottom of the leaderboard in the penultimate position out of forty-two prospective shooters.
By then, the term had already developed a rich set of associations. Sainte-Beuve wrote that to "flâne" "is the very opposite of doing nothing". Honoré de Balzac described "flânerie" as "the gastronomy of the eye". Anaïs Bazin wrote that "the only, the true sovereign of Paris is the "flâneur"". Victor Fournel, in "Ce qu’on voit dans les rues de Paris" ("What One Sees in the Streets of Paris", 1867), devoted a chapter to "the art of "flânerie"". For Fournel, there was nothing lazy in "flânerie". It was, rather, a way of understanding the rich variety of the city landscape. It was a moving photograph (“un daguerréotype mobile et passioné”) of urban experience.
Paul Fournel (born 20 May 1947 in Saint-Étienne) is a French writer, poet, publisher, and cultural ambassador. He was educated at the École normale supérieure of Saint-Cloud (1968–1972). Fournel wrote his master's thesis on Raymond Queneau and published the first book-length study of the Oulipo, "Clefs pour la littérature potentielle" ("Keys to potential literature"). He joined the Oulipo, first as "slave," then (in 1972) as full member, and he currently serves both as the Provisionally Definitive Secretary and the President of that group. He is also a regent of the College of 'Pataphysics.
Jon Annable, Ralph Backstrom, Jacques Begin, Bob Boucher, Bill Carter, Claude Cyr, Dick Dawson, Claude Fournel, Bruce Gamble, Terry Gray, John Longarini, Nick Murray, Bob Olajos, Claude Richard, Bobby Rousseau, Claude Ruel, Andre Tardif, Gilles Tremblay, J. C. Tremblay, Harold White. Coach: Scotty Bowman
In multiple book mentioned precisely City Mila conquered by Abu Muhajer General Umayyad Dinar in 675 AD in it, says in "The Berbers: study on the conquest of Africa by the Arabs, according to the printed Arabic texts. "Volume 1 by Henri Fournel on page
Contributors include "The New York Times" writer Matt Seaton, Ned Boulting, Paul Fournel, Jorgen Leth as well as the British former professional cyclist Robert Millar. Photographic contributors include Ben Ingham, Robert Wyatt, Taz Darling, Geoff Waugh, Timm Kölln, Olaf Unverzart, Rein van de Wouw, Marthein Smit and Dan Sharp.
It was established as a non-profit organisation in 1989 in accordance with Part III of the Quebec Companies Act. It was founded by olympian Jean Fournel, Bill Cordner, and Gaetan Desmarais. It is on the site of a former water treatment plant. The Valois Boating Club had formerly been located nearby.
Walter Benjamin (following Fournel) contrasted the two figures: “In the flâneur, the joy of watching is triumphant. It can concentrate on observation; the result is the amateur detective. Or it can stagnate in the gaper; then the flâneur has turned into the badaud.”
She was also a professor of lexicology and semiology at the University Paris III-Sorbonne Nouvelle throughout the 1970s, subsequently at the University Paris VII-Denis Diderot during the 1980s, and at the École des hautes études en sciences sociales beginning in 2002. A friend of many of the members of Oulipo (Bernard Cerquiglini, Paul Fournel), she was their visiting scholar in 1986.
Drawing on Fournel, and on his analysis of the poetry of Baudelaire, Walter Benjamin described the "flâneur" as the essential figure of the modern urban spectator, an amateur detective and investigator of the city. More than this, his "flâneur" was a sign of the alienation of the city and of capitalism. For Benjamin, the "flâneur" met his demise with the triumph of consumer capitalism.
Émilie Fournel (born October 26, 1986) is a Canadian sprint kayaker who has competed since the late 2000s. She won a bronze medal in the K-1 4 x 200 m event at the 2009 ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships in Dartmouth, and in the K-1 5000 m at the 2015 ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships.
Jean Fournel (July 13, 1956 – June 14, 1997) was a Canadian sprint canoer who competed in the mid-1970s. He competed in the K-4 1000 m event at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal, but was eliminated in the semifinals.