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Examples of "fouser"
William C. "Bill" Fouser (October, 1855 – March 1, 1919) was a Major League Baseball player. Fouser played for the Philadelphia Athletics in .
Fouser was born and died in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
In 1980, Fouser played for the United States U-20 men's national soccer team which qualified for the
Kevin Fouser is a retired American soccer forward who spent two seasons in the American Soccer League and at least one in the SISL.
The show won an Emmy Award in the category of "Special Classification of Outstanding Program Achievements awarded to Donald Fouser." Time Magazine called it the "most venturesome single show" of 1972.
VD Blues was a one-hour PBS Special of the Week, created by Donald Fouser that aired in 1972 about the dangers of venereal disease. The show consisted of a series of skits and sketches that were hosted by Dick Cavett and starred well-known performers such as James Coco, Marcia Rodd, and Arlo Guthrie. It was underwritten by the 3M Company. The show featured the Shel Silverstein song "Don't Give a Dose" performed by Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show.