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Examples of "foxcomm"
The Grayslake Fire Protection District currently serves in central Lake County, including the village of Grayslake. There are 30 career members and 30 part-time members. Career members include 19 firefighter/ paramedics, 3 Battalion Chiefs and 9 Lieutenants, all working 24-hour shifts on and 48 hours off. These 24/48 hour shifts allow staffing 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Grayslake Fire Protection District has three fire stations, with the headquarters station located in downtown Grayslake. They work with three engines, one ladder truck, four advanced life support ambulances, one brush unit, a water tender (tanker), two rescue boats and a number of staff and command cars. Through automatic aid agreements with the surrounding area, the village receives optimal emergency service. Communications are handled through Foxcomm, a dispatch center offering Enhanced 911 service, giving dispatchers the ability to quickly locate a caller. Dispatchers are Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) trained, allows them to give critical life-saving directions over the phone as paramedics respond. The current Chief is John Christian.