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Examples of "frédérique_jossinet"
Frédérique Jossinet (born 16 December 1975 in Rosny-sous-Bois) is a French Olympic judoka in the lightest (less than 48 kg) class.
In June 2012, she participated at the game "Fort Boyard" for the association "Enfants de la Lune" with Nelson Monfort, Stéphane Diagana, Frédérique Jossinet, Richard Dacoury and Jérôme Alonzo.
Hortense (also spelled Hortance, Hortence and Hortanse) Diédhiou (born 19 August 1983) is a Senegalese judoka. She participated in three Olympic games: 2004 in the -52kg event, 2008 at -52kg and 2012 at -57kg. She was the flag bearer of Senegal at the 2012 Summer Olympics opening ceremony. At the 2004 Olympics, she met Frédérique Jossinet who invited her to train in France. Following that recommendation Diédhiou moved to Provence and in 2011 to Paris.
After 1996, she remained unbeaten for 12 years. At Sydney 2000, she had a tough semi-final against North Korea's Cha Hyon-hyang, but she left no chance to her opponent in the final, Lyubov Bruletova of Russia. After only 36 seconds, Tani delivered an uchi mata (inner-thigh throw) and was awarded an ippon and the gold metal. Four years later in Athens, she scored a series of ippon-victories to reach the final, in which she dominated France's Frédérique Jossinet, taking an early koka lead that she confirmed with a waza-ari in the last seconds of the fight. She was the first woman judoka to win two Olympic golds.
Chervonsky qualified for the Australian squad, as a 21-year-old, in the women's extra-lightweight class (48 kg) at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, by topping the field of judoka and receiving a berth from the Oceania Championships in Noumea, New Caledonia. She lost her opening match to French judoka and eventual silver medalist Frédérique Jossinet, who successfully scored a waza-ari awasete ippon and clutched her on the tatami with a kata gatame (shoulder hold) at one minute and thirty-four seconds. In the repechage, Chervonsky gave herself a chance for an Olympic bronze medal, but slipped it away in a defeat to two-time Olympic judoka Tatiana Moskvina of Belarus by an ippon and a tomoe nage (circle throw) within a minute into their first playoff of the draft.
At the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Moskvina qualified for her second Belarusian squad, as a 31-year-old veteran and a lone female judoka, in the women's extra-lightweight class (48 kg), by placing second and receiving a berth from the A-Tournament in Tallinn, Estonia. She opened her match with a swift exit from French judoka and eventual silver medalist Frédérique Jossinet, who scored an effortless, fifteen-second ippon victory and pulverized her into the tatami with a sukui nage (scoop throw). In the repechage, Moskvina gained control to pin Australia's Sonya Chervonsky on the mat within a full minute, before succumbed to a waza-ari awasete ippon hold from China's Gao Feng in her subsequent match.