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rainecourt              cardonnette              authieule              bussus              fouquescourt              coisy              framicourt              canchy              donjeux              allichamps              heiltz              gratibus              coigneux              coingt              hargicourt              remaugies              autheux              monswiller              saulchoix              cleyzieu              francaltroff              nambsheim              frettecuisse              seraumont              hornoy              ayencourt              naours              croquoison              ivergny              niederhergheim              friaucourt              ecquemicourt              becquigny              fouencamps              grivillers              gelucourt              chaussoy              maisnil              marlieux              nampty              cauroy              oberentzen              oissy              annouville              moriville              louvemont              favreuil              fescamps              fransu              damblain             

Examples of "framerville"
Framerville-Rainecourt is a commune in the Somme department in Hauts-de-France in northern France.
Leahy was one of twenty members of the 19th Battalion who were listed as killed or missing in action during an attack on German lines near Framerville on 11 August 1918—he was 25 years old. Pte Leahy is now buried in grave I.F.14 at the Heath Cemetery in Harbonnieres, France.
The 2nd Division continued attacking on 9, 10 and 11 August, capturing Vauvillers, Framerville and Rainecourt, at a cost of 1295 casualties. The attacks post 9 August were often hasty, and lacking in co-ordination between neighbouring units – resulting in a lot of the fighting being an infantry battle (relying on manoeuvre over artillery/tank support), and a subsequent increase in casualties.
Early on 28 August, the two reserve divisions advanced from Bapaume, taking the German II Cavalry Corps by surprise in its billets around Péronne. The action continued into the next day and the French divisions were then driven back from Manancourt, south-west of Bapaume, by elements of II Corps and the IV Reserve Corps. Further to the east, the French II Cavalry Corps on the left of the BEF, failed to prevent the Germans from reaching the outskirts of Péronne on the evening of 27 August. The cavalry withdrew south of the Somme and next day Péronne was captured. The German advance continued towards Amiens and on 29 August, the Sixth Army counter-attacked the German advance guards, which had reached Bray-sur-Somme, Chuignolles and Framerville near Amiens. A Moroccan Chasseur brigade, the 14th division of VII Corps, the 45th and 55th battalions of Chasseurs and the 55th Division on the right flank near Nesle, captured Proyart as the four Territorial divisions advanced on Amiens. During the evening, a German counter-attack retook Proyart and forced the French to the south. The Territorial divisions retreated from Amiens on 30 August, skirmishing with German patrols near Cagny. On 11 September, the German garrison withdrew from Amiens and next day the Territorial divisions arrived from Rouen and captured a few stragglers. The Territorial divisions advanced to the north-east towards Péronne and Fricourt on 17 September.