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Examples of "frasquita"
Scene 3: Repela enters, taking a pinch of snuff and sneezing violently. Frasquita tells him that Lukas is asleep, which Repela is interested to know. He runs off to tell his master that Frasquita is apparently alone.
Scene 1: Frasquita makes her way to the Alkalde’s house to find Lukas. Unbeknownst to either, Lukas passes her on his way back to the mill. She speaks to herself nervously. Repela enters, but Frasquita does not notice him yet.
There are two complete recordings (cast key is "Conductor/Mercedes/Frasquita/Eugenio/Lukas/Repela"):
Scene 2: Tonuelo summons Lukas to the Alkalde, the local mayor. Lukas says he will go in the morning, but Tonuelo insists that he come immediately. Frasquita wishes to accompany him, but Tonuelo again relays that he is to summon Lukas only. The two men exit, leaving Frasquita alone.
He married Francesca (Frasquita) Garcia de Ampudia Alvarez in Seville in 1812. She came from an old Andalusian noble family. Together, they had ten children: Joseph Thomas d'Alvarez, Charlotte (Countess de Rancy), Louis Thomas who married Livia Carafa, Duchess of Bojano and took the name of Thomas de Bojano, Frasquita (Mrs Soultzner d'Enschwyl) and Henriette (Countess de Dalmas).
Scene 5: Repela, who has also been watching the entire scene, enters, intending to reprimand Frasquita for her behaviour. He is interrupted by the sound of the Bishop’s arrival in the distance. Lukas and Frasquita rush off to finish their preparations, while the Corregidor sends Repela off to set his revenge plan in motion. The Bishop approaches amid an onstage brass fanfare.
On 15 February 1832, "Black Joke" captured Spanish schooner "Frasquita", alias "Centilla". This vessel too yielded bounty money for the slaves on board her.
Scene 4: The Corregidor enters the house, soaking wet from the stream. Frasquita becomes angry, realizing at once what the Corregidor has intended all along. He attempts to bribe Frasquita into bed with her nephew’s appointment, and when she refuses, he threatens her with a pistol. She in turn pulls out a blunderbuss, at which point the Corregidor is so overcome with fright that he becomes faint. He asks her to call Repela.
Scene 2: Repela reveals himself. He mocks Frasquita, and she yells at him. They decide to go off together in search of Lukas. "This is followed by another episode of scene-change music."
Scene 4: The Corregidor approaches Frasquita, who flirts with him and dances a fandango. He is afraid that her dancing might wake Lukas. She threatens to wake Lukas (with the song ""In dem Schatten meiner Locken"" from the "Spanisches Liederbuch)", but relents when the Corregidor urges her not to. The Corregidor is so taken by Frasquita that he is dumbstruck for a moment. He begins to woo her, and she seizes the opportunity to press for a favor she has obviously already requested many times: the appointment of her nephew as court notary in the nearby town of Estella. The Corregidor refuses, and his advances become ever more ardent. In his passion, he loses his balance and crashes to the ground. Lukas takes this cue to reveal himself. The couple ridicules the old man, who, realizing that Lukas has heard the entire exchange, childishly vows his revenge. Frasquita offers him some grapes in order to placate him, but he hesitates.
Scene 2: The Corregidor, Frasquita, Repela, Tonuelo and the Alkalde arrive at the Corregidor’s house. They knock, but there is no reply. Repela, making light of the situation, pretends that he is serenading the house by faking the sound of a guitar. Finally the Duenna wakes up and comes to the window. The Corregidor announces his presence, but the Duenna does not believe him, saying that the lord of the house is already home. Realizing who that must be, Frasquita despairs that Lukas did indeed think her unfaithful. The Corregidor does not understand what is going on.
In 1922, at the Gaiety Theatre, Evett produced adaptations of "Catherine" and "The Last Waltz", which he co-authored. In 1924, he produced "Our Nell", the revised version of "Our Peg", at the Gaiety. His final production was "Frasquita", in 1925, at the Prince's Theatre.
professional debut at the Hungarian State Opera, as Frasquita in Georges Bizet's "Carmen", in 1971. The following year, she appeared at the Sofia National Opera, as Violetta in "La traviata", and during the 1974-75 season at the Salzburg Festival singing Mozart in concert.
Scene 4: The Corregidor, awoken by Lukas, cautiously comes out of the bedroom. Vexed that his own clothes have apparently been stolen, he puts on those that Lukas left behind. The Alkalde enters with Frasquita, Tonuelo and Repela, but they do not yet notice the Corregidor, who tries to slip back into the bedroom.
Scene 4: Donna Mercedes, the Corregidora, appears in the plaza. Although she has already sized up the situation, she continues to treat her husband as if he were Lukas. The Corregidor, finally realizing what is going on, attempts to blame Frasquita for everything that has happened, but his wife does not let him get away with it.
Scene 5: Repela enters to tend to the Corregidor, while Frasquita prepares to leave on the pretense of summoning a doctor from town. In reality, she leaves to find Lukas and to inform the Corregidora of what her husband is up to.
Ramsey received promotion to the rank of commander for the capture of "Marinerito" and handed over command to Lieutenant H V Huntley. On 15 February 1832, "Black Joke" captured Spanish schooner "Frasquita", alias "Centilla", which was armed with two guns and had a crew of 31 men. "Frasquitta" yielded bounty money for the 290 slaves on board her.
The Bass-baritone couplet has a vocal range from A to F and a tessitura from B-flat to E-flat. Its time signature is common time (), its key is F minor with the refrain in F major. The tempo indication is "allegro molto moderato", =108. Frasquita, Mercédès, Carmen, Moralès, Zuniga and the chorus join for the repeat of the refrain.
Scene 1: In the kitchen at the millhouse, Lukas and Frasquita are eating dinner and discussing, first teasingly, then passionately, how happy they are together. They are interrupted by a knock at the door. It is Tonuelo, one of the Alkalde’s servants, coming under the banner of the “rule of law.” He is very, very drunk.
Scene 6: The Corregidor removes his wet clothes, instructing Repela to hang them by the fire to dry. Realizing that Frasquita is no longer there, he sends Repela off to intercept her before she reaches town. The Corregidor, alone, sings to himself, in another song from the "Spanisches Liederbuch" ("Herz, verzage nicht geschwind") about the strange behaviour of women.