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Examples of "frauke"
In March 2016, he interviewed the leader of the German party AfD, Frauke Petry.
"Revitalising Audience Research" (November 2014), edited by Frauke Zeller, Cristina Ponte, Brian O'Neill (Routledge)
Frauke Finsterwalder is married to the Swiss writer Christian Kracht. She lives in Los Angeles.
Germany: Henning Fangauf (tutor), Kristo Šagor (tutor), Martin Kordic, Frauke Scheffler
Frauke Eigen (born 1969 in Aurich, Germany) is a German photographer, photojournalist and artist.
Frauke-Imke Eickhoff (born October 24, 1967) is a German former Olympic judoka.
Frauke is a feminine German given name. Notable people with the name include:
The murder of Frauke Liebs (February 21, 1985 - after June 27, 2006) is an unsolved criminal case in Germany.
Frauke Petry is a member of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Saxony, a member church of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD). Frauke Petry criticizes many stances of the EKD, which historically holds a largely liberal Protestant stance, claiming it follows "only its own interests" regarding immigration. She advocates her cooperation with AfD in order to defend the European Christian values of the West.
Frauke Schmitt Gran is a German orienteering competitor and the first orienteer from Germany to obtain a medal in the world championships.
On August 3, 2015 Adam Gabbatt reported on the Guardian website about hitchBOT's destruction. Frauke Zeller, co-creator of hitchBOT, was quoted saying:
Most recently, Kracht completed work on the screenplay for the film Finsterworld. The film, which is directed by the author's wife Frauke Finsterwalder, was released in cinemas in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in 2013 and 2014.
The Little Marionette company was established in 1975 by Hansie Visagie and Reinette Kruyswijk, since then Althea Labuschangne, Ann Bailes, Con Visagie, Frauke Kröger and Thys Stander became involved with the company for many years.
In 2007 a not-for-profit initiative, led by Edgar and Frauke Meyer, founded two societies, Bertha Benz Memorial Route e.V. and Bertha Benz Memorial Club e.V., to commemorate Bertha Benz and her historic pioneering deed.
The speech was widely criticized as antisemitic, among others by Jewish leaders in Germany, and he was described by his party chairwoman, Frauke Petry, in response as a "burden to the party".
The party became purely Eurosceptic in 2015, when a split occurred in the party, leading to Frauke Petry's leadership and a more hard line approach to the European Union.
Frauke Finsterwalder (born December 15, 1975 in Hamburg) is a German film director and screenwriter. Finsterwalder has directed several shorts and documentaries and is the director of the 2013 feature film "Finsterworld."
Finsterworld is a 2013 German motion picture drama directed by Frauke Finsterwalder and co-written by Finsterwalder and Christian Kracht, starring Margit Carstensen, Sandra Hüller, Corinna Harfouch, Christoph Bach, Carla Juri and Jakub Gierszał.
Right-wing parties and politicians across Western Europe celebrated Hofer's first-place finish. Those parties and politicians included: Marine Le Pen of France's National Front; Frauke Petry of Alternative for Germany; Geert Wilders of the Dutch Party for Freedom; and Matteo Salvini of Italy's Lega Nord.
In January 2016, Frauke Petry argued for the possibility of shooting refugees at the borders to Germany. She did this twice but denied it and claimed that the press lied about her statement. "Rhein-Zeitung" then offered the audio-recording of the interview in which she advocates firing on refugees.