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Examples of "frauscher"
Frauscher finished second in the opening men's singles event of the 2015-16 luge World Cup in Igls.
Armin Frauscher (born March 22, 1994 in Innsbruck, Austria) is an Austrian luge athlete. He finished ninth competing for Austria in the boys' singles event at the 2012 Youth Winter Olympics, held in his birthplace of Inbsbruck.
Used H-boats are fairly inexpensive, so it is popular for people looking for their first yacht. Major manufacturers of H-Boats have been Eagle Marine (Finland), Elvstrøm (Denmark), Scanboat (Åland), Hydrospeed (Finland), Artekno (Finland), Botnia Marin (Finland), O.L. Boats (Denmark), Ott Yacht (Germany) and Frauscher (Austria).
In 2000, the 22-person "Hydra" ship was demonstrated, and in 2003 the Duffy-Herreshoff watertaxi went into service. 2003 saw the debut of Yacht "No. 1", as well Hydroxy3000. The AUV DeepC and Yacht "XV 1" were shown in 2004. In 2005 the first example of the Type 212 submarine, which is powered underwater by fuel cells, went into service with the German navy. In 2006 the 12-person "Xperiance" was debuted, as well as the Zebotec. In 2007 both the 8-person Tuckerboot and the Canal boat "Ross Barlow" debuted, and in 2008 the 100-passenger Zemships project "Alsterwasser" went into service in Hamburg. Also, in 2009 the Nemo H2 and the Frauscher 600 Riviera HP went into service. In 2013 the Hydrogenesis Passenger Ferry project went into service.