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Examples of "freepascal"
This is NOT the Mersenne twister implementation that Freepascal uses as its default prng, but the algorithm is the same.
Many features have been introduced continuously to Object Pascal with extensions to Delphi and extensions to FreePascal. In reaction to criticism, Free Pascal has adopted generics with the same syntax as Delphi, provided Delphi compatibility mode is selected, and both Delphi (partially) and Free Pascal (more extensive) support operator overloading. Delphi has also introduced many other features since version 7 including generics. Whereas FreePascal tries to be compatible to Delphi in Delphi compatibility mode, it also traditionally introduced many new features to the language that are not always available in Delphi.
As of version 1.3 UltraStar Deluxe uses SDL2, ffmpeg 2.8, compiles with freepascal 3 and runs natively on all current versions of Windows, Linux and OS X. This version merged the various forks of the game and was intended to revive free/libre open source development of the game.
While interface design is done visually in Morfik, Web application developers can write code to handle events and create the interactivity and business logic. Code written in the three supported language syntaxes is compiled directly to JavaScript, HTML, CSS and images for the in-browser portion of the application and to an intermediate Object Pascal form for the server side which is then compiled into binary form through the use of the FreePascal compiler. Regardless of the language syntax of choice, all code is based on the usage of the Morfik Framework which is a large library of classes and functions designed specifically for the creation of Web-based applications.
After the game was unavailable commercially for many years it was re-released as freeware around 2003 to promote the development of the successor "Ironseed II"/"Ironseed Reborn". As progress on the development of the successor and further patching of Ironseed was unlikely, the source code of "Ironseed 1" was released by the developers to the public under the GPL in March 2013. A final patch (v1.20.0016) was released with the source code, but also the forum was shut down. Later version 1.30.0001 was put on GitHub, for the first time including the graphic assets and sound effects under GPL, but the commercial DMP sound module stripped out to comply with its license. From the source code release missing is also the soundtrack, while it seems the rights on the soundtrack still belong to the developers. For instance, Morgan redistributes the soundtrack on his personal website and also the freeware release included the soundtrack. On September 2013, due to availability of the source code, a FreePascal and SDL based port for Linux became available on GitHub. In August 2015 the "" mainsite went offline without warnings, but came back online in January 2016 under a new "" domain. In April 2016 the game was ported to the ARM-based Pandora handheld, based on the previous Linux port.