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Examples of "freeride"
Niklas Hollsten (born 15 November 1983 in Kemiö) is a Finnish freeride snowboarder. He has represented Finland in freeride already for several years. In 2010 Scandinavian freeride championships he won the gold medal. Furthermore he in overall 2010 freeride world qualifier ranking he received the third place. He is also the first ever Finnish male who participated Freeride World Tour. Though Hollsten has a freestyle and boardercross background right now he conmpetes only in freeride.
Free Ride – A KTM original class of off-road motorcycle. They are a cross between enduro and trials bikes. Models include the two-stroke Freeride 250R, the four-stroke Freeride 350 and the all electric Freeride E-SX and Freeride E-XC. Other manufacturers with similar offerings include the Beta Xtrainer, Ossa Explorer 250 and the Sherco X-Ride 125 and 290.
Aline Bock (born 23 July 1982 in Gießen) is a German freeride snowboarder. She did freestyle halfpipe competitions first, but changed to slopestyle shortly after. Few years later she focused mainly on big mountain riding. Since 2009, she has competed in the Freeride World Tour Series. In 2009 she became the Vice World Champion of freeride snowboard and in 2010 she won the Freeride World Championship.
Born in Parksville, British Columbia, Canadian Darren Berrecloth is famous not only for his success in competitions, but also as a one of the pioneers to the sport of freeride. Barrecloth had bravery, determination and dedication to the sport of freeride and helped path the way for freeride. He exploded onto the freeride scene with a third-placed finish at the 2002 Red Bull Rampage, and has been one of the leading riders in the world ever since
Freeride mountain-biking movies are films about freeride mountain-biking and downhill mountain biking. Scenes from freeride competitions are normally included. Given the high spectacularity of the freeride and downhill action, an increasing number of films are released every year, covering the annual major competitions and promoting particular trails and champions. The Film "Where the Trail Ends" and the YouTube series "Life Behind Bars" are very good examples of freeriding.
1998 - Won fifth place in the Freeride Motocross Championship
Kranked is a series of extreme freeride mountain-biking films.
7th Stihl Colorado Freeride Series (Aspen, Colorado, USA);
The Colorado Freeride Festival is the largest freeride bike contest in the United States. It is held annually at Trestle Bike Park in Winter Park, Colorado spanning four days throughout the month of July and includes over 800 international riders. Participating riders compete in events such as Downhill mountain biking, Cross-country cycling, and Freeride aka. slopestyle.
Trestle Bike Park is a downhill mountain bike park located in Winter Park, Colorado with over 40 miles of singletrack. It is home to the Colorado Freeride Festival, which is the largest freeride bike festival in the United States.
Downhill boards and freeride boards are often used interchangeably. The main distinguishing factor is that downhill boards are usually directional, with a defined front and rear, while freeride boards are symmetrical front to back.
Since 2010, Freeride World Champion Aurélien Ducroz is ambassador of Alpina Watches Ambassador.
2005 O’Neill Xtreme by Swatch Freeride Contest, 2nd Place, Verbier, Switz
Mountain Bike Types: Downhill, Freeride, All Mountain, Trail, Cross-country (XC), Leisure, Womens'.
-For Freeride : by using a custom geolocalized matchmaking system, added using XboxLive Server Platform (XLSP).
Rapaport was the winner of the Xtreme Verbier event of the Freeride World Tour in 2013.
Martin Söderström (March 4, 1990) is a professional Freeride mountain bike rider from Uppsala, Sweden.
Cameron "Cam" Zink (born March 8, 1986) is an American professional freeride mountain bike rider.
Darren Berrecloth (born October 30, 1981), nicknamed "The Claw", is a professional freeride mountain bike rider.
Freeride is a discipline of the sport longboarding. Freeride is the compound word referring to the act of descending a riding surface interspersed with various maneuvers such as semi-perpendicular slides by breaking traction and carving (riding in an 'S' shaped path). Riders often change their riding stance as a result of their body spinning around a vertical axis, which is known as riding "goofy" or "switch." Prominent freeride longboarders include Kyle Chin, Louis Pilloni and James Kelly.