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brown_bandicoot_isoodon              elephant_seal_mirounga              barred_woodcreeper              obesulus              grasshopper_mouse_onychomys              betulina_lr_nt              bat_eptesicus_nilssoni_lr              screamer_chauna              fiscal_lanius_collaris              scrub_robin_drymodes              lesser_bamboo_lemur              banjo_frog_limnodynastes              genus_eptesicus              bottlenose_whale_hyperoodon_ampullatus              greater_galago              barbastellus_vu_genus_eptesicus              bog_lemming_synaptomys              needle_clawed_bushbaby_euoticus              fiscal_lanius_humeralis              bettong_bettongia              bottlenose_whale_hyperoodon_planifrons              white_breasted_hedgehog              pygmy_mouse_baiomys              anteater_chat              lc_subfamily_genus_barbastella              tamandua_tamandua_mexicana              lc_serotine_bat_eptesicus              beardless_tyrannulet_camptostoma_imberbe              barbastelle_barbastella_barbastellus_vu              nilssonii              white_cheeked_gibbon              schiffornis_schiffornis_veraepacis              euoticus              long_eared_myotis              mormopterus              grey_kangaroo_macropus              gaimardi              short_tailed_shrew              sicista              strepitans              naked_tailed_armadillo              taeniopterus              bat_myotis_nattereri_lr              grey_shrike_lanius_meridionalis              sicistinae_genus              xanthopterus              royal_albatross_diomedea              brunneopygia              rockhopper_penguin_eudyptes_chrysocome              hoary_bat_lasiurus_cinereus             

Examples of "freetail_bat"
The northern freetail bat ("Chaerephon jobensis") is a species of bat found in Yapen, Seram Island, Western New Guinea and Northern Australia.
The east-coast free-tailed bat ("Mormopterus norfolkensis") is a species of bat in the family Molossidae, the free-tailed bats. Other common names include eastern little mastiff bat and eastern freetail-bat. This bat is endemic to Australia, where it occurs from southeastern Queensland to eastern New South Wales.
Besides the western grey kangaroos, other less destructive inhabitants are the western brushtail and the endangered western ringtail possum ("Pseudocheirus peregrinus occidentalis"), whose principal diet is the leaves of the peppermint ("Agonis flexuosa") tree. These animals rest by day in hollows in the tuart trees and move to the peppermints to feed at night. Also inhabiting the forest are the carnivorous wambenger ("Phascogale tapoatafa") and the quenda ("Isoodon obesulus") or southern brown bandicoot, and the tiny freetail bat ("Tadarida australis"). Abundant birdlife can be seen in the forest and the nearby Vasse-Wonnerup Estuary.
The bristle-faced free-tailed bat ("Mormopterus eleryi"), previously known as the hairy-rostrum or hairy-nosed freetail bat, is a small insectivorous bat that is the only member of the molossid sub-genus "Setirostris". The bristle-faced free-tailed bat differs from all other bats in the Family Molossidae by possessing unique dentition, a distinctive echolocation call, diagnostic genital and glans penis morphology and small body size. It is readily distinguished from other "Mormopterus" species by the presence of characteristic stout bristles on the muzzle and face.