Synonyms for frightened or Related words with frightened

terrified              startled              scared              embarrassed              annoyed              horrified              disgusted              stunned              fearful              frightening              amused              panicked              helpless              enraged              bewildered              distraught              bitten              puzzled              spooked              tormented              intimidated              mischievous              exasperated              flustered              angry              surprised              disoriented              alarmed              astonished              overpowered              humiliated              dismayed              afraid              saddened              appalled              mortified              jealous              timid              infuriated              tired              deceived              stung              outraged              cries              bothered              intrigued              angered              comforted              shocked              irritated             

Examples of "frightened"
Frawst / froist - a dainty meal (n); frightened/astonished (adj)
Hutchison creates the artwork for each Frightened Rabbit release.
All lyrics written by Scott Hutchison; music by Frightened Rabbit.
"You look lovely, darling." Indigo turns around, frightened.
A Frightened Rabbit EP is an EP by Scottish indie rock band Frightened Rabbit, released on 31 October 2011 on Atlantic Records as a free download and on ten-inch, limited edition vinyl. Self-produced by the band, "A Frightened Rabbit EP" was the band's first release on Atlantic, and the first to feature contributions from guitarist Gordon Skene.
or be frightened by it ever. The mask of action, /
"All songs written by Frightened Rabbit, except where noted."
The schemers were frightened into confessing their nefarious plot.
"All songs written by Frightened Rabbit, except where noted."
Pakistan authorities used volunteers at the stadium instead of police, keeping police in reserve. "If the authorities are too frightened to use police inside the ground then we are too frightened to play cricket," said Col Egar.
Sunday: Twin Forks, Frightened Rabbit, Charles Bradley and His Extraordinaries, Big Boi, Kendrick Lamar, Mumford & Sons
At this time, Jubin was dating future Frightened Rabbit member Scott Hutchison.
conclusion that the mayor is the killer. Cory becomes frightened and runs off. However,
All lyrics written by Scott Hutchison; music composed by Frightened Rabbit.
Astonished and frightened, the people realized that Manikantan was no ordinary being.
Deschamps always admitted being a little bit frightened when he performed this monologue.
Guest also appeared in the third series of the British TV show, "I'm Famous and Frightened!"
Sunday: The Sheepdogs, Frightened Rabbit, The Sounds, Malajube, City and Colour, Death Cab For Cutie
People are starving, cold and frightened, no longer capable of feeling love.
"The Frightened Tree" was originally published under the title "Protective Mimicry".