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Examples of "fritschy"
In 2010 Chin received the biennial Fritschy Culture Award from the museum Het Domein, Sittard the Netherlands. "The jury praises the unique way in which Chin, in many of his projects, creates a form of art in which participation and other forms of engagement are key. In awarding the Fritschy Culture Award 2010 to Mel Chin, the jury members emphasize the critical engaged nature of this prize and the expression of contemporary global issues." As part of the Fritschy Culture Award, Mel Chin exhibited a solo show at the museum Het Domein, titled "Disputed Territories".
Martina Fritschy (born 22 July 1983) is a Swiss orienteering competitor. She received a bronze medal on the "relay" at the 2006 World Orienteering Championships in Aarhus.
Servet Koçyiğit received several grants and prizes, including Shpilman International Prize for Excellence in Photography 2016, awarded by Israel Museum in Jerusalem. He is a winner of “The New best photographer of the year” at Lianzhou Foto festival in 2012. He received OC&V scholarship from Dutch Ministry of Culture (1997), Wilhelm Lehmbruck Fellowship (1999), Residency Grant from Mondriaan Fonds (2016), Working Grant, FBKvB The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts (2008). He has been nominated for PrixPictet (2010 )“ Growth “ and for The Fritschy Award (2006).