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brumunddal              randaberg              kopervik              ullern              nybergsund              vardal              klepp              jevnaker              strindheim              finnsnes              alvdal              malvik              ullensaker              funnefoss              vormsund              sandviken              omegn              aurskog              tynset              surnadal              buvik              kolbotn              bamble              skedsmo              nordstrand              stryn              hasle              setskog              gjerpen              skjetten              lyngdal              tromsdalen              nittedal              raufoss              ringsaker              trysil              avaldsnes              medkila              rakkestad              drangedal              salangen              melhus              nesodden              linderud              vaulen              vestby              silsand              orkanger              hosle              kongsvinger             

Examples of "frogn"
Raufoss - Drøbak Frogn (0-0 Drøbak Frogn won 0-2 a.e.t)
Frogn is a municipality in Akershus county, Norway. It is part of the Follo traditional region. The administrative centre of the municipality is the town of Drøbak. Frogn was established as a municipality on 1 January 1838 (see formannskapsdistrikt). The city of Drøbak was merged with Frogn on 1 January 1962.
Håøya is an island in Oslofjorden in Frogn municipality, Norway.
It can trace its roots back to the club Drøbak IF, founded in 1918. In 1946 it was merged to form Drøbak-Frogn IL, together with Drøbak BK (founded 1920) and Frogn IL (founded 1934).
Tore Sinding (1903 in Stavern – 1969 in Solbukta, Frogn) was a Norwegian pianist and composer.
On the local level Brekke was the mayor of Frogn until 2003.
Jon Jæger Gåsvatn (born 19 June 1954 in Frogn) is a Norwegian politician for the Progress Party.
Drøbak was established as a municipality January 1, 1838 (see formannskapsdistrikt). It was merged with Frogn January 1, 1962.
He started his career in Langhus IL, and joined Drøbak/Frogn ahead of the 1990 season. He played for SFK Lyn in 1993, and then rejoined Drøbak/Frogn. In 1996 he played for Skeid in the Norwegian Premier League. Ahead of the 1998 season he joined Moss FK. This was the first time that he played for another club than his twin brother Anders.
He was born on the Froen farm of Frogn parish ("Froen gård i Frogn") in Akershus, Norway. He was the son of Captain Ole Peter Brandt (1793-1875) and his second wife Mathilde Kristine Brandt. Members of this family still own this property.
He was born in Frogn as a son of farmers, and became a farmer at Huseby near Drøbak. In 1945 he became the first chairman of Norges Bygdeungdomslag. He also served as mayor of Frogn from 1946 to 1961. As such he was also a member of the county council.
André Leonard Nieuwlaat (born 24 December 1965) is a Norwegian former footballer who played for Råde, Moss (1982–85), Drøbak-Frogn (1986), Rosenborg (1987), Drøbak-Frogn (1988), Frigg (1989), Vålerenga (1990), Sprint-Jeløy (1991), Fredrikstad (1992), Ekholt and Vansjø/Svinndal. Nieuwlaat became top-scorer with nine goals in Rosenborg's 1987 season.
In 2003 Bergersen stepped down from professional football and joined the Third Division side Drøbak-Frogn as a player-coach. After the 2003-season, Bergersen retired and continued as head coach of Drøbak-Frogn for the next two seasons, before joining second-tier club Bodø/Glimt in 2005 along with club legend Erik Hoftun and securing promotion and comeback to Tippeligaen in 2007.
Frogn is located at the southern part of the peninsula between the main Oslofjord and Bunnefjorden. It borders Nesodden, Ås and Vestby.
Vålerenga and Moss won promotion to Tippeligaen, while Eik-Tønsberg lost the promotion-playoff against Tromsø. Runar, Drøbak/Frogn, Harstad and Sarpsborg was relegated to the Second Division.
Bergersen enjoys golfing on his spare time. His son, Jonas Bergersen (born 1993), is also a footballer and has played for Drøbak/Frogn and Moss.
He was born in Frogn. His father Olaf Skavlan, was writer, literary historian and professor. He was father of actress and theatre director Merete Skavlan.
The court covers the municipalities of Enebakk, Frogn, Nesodden, Oppegård, Ski, Vestby and Ås and is subordinate Borgarting Court of Appeal.
Engebretsen was a member of Frogn municipality council in the periods 1983–1987 and 1991–1993. During these periods he was also a member of Akershus county council.
Drøbak and Frogn was established as a parish on its own through a royal decree Sept. 8, 1823. It had been a part of Ås parish.