Synonyms for fronted_nunbird or Related words with fronted_nunbird

monasa_morphoeus              throated_robin_irania              collared_starling              urochroa              eyed_parakeet_psittacara              family_sarothruridae              crowned_hornbill              gutturalis_rufous_tailed              melanozanthos              africanus_rüppell_vulture_gyps              throated_redstart              lc_rhipidura              white_winged_redstart              bellied_bustard_eupodotis_senegalensis              bellied_antbird              savile_bustard              spotted_flufftail_sarothrura_pulchra              throated_munia              fronted_bee_eater              collared_seedeater_sporophila_torqueola              nettapus_auritus_african              bougueri              leucophthalmus              throated_canary_crithagra              coucal_centropus_grillii              crowned_pigeon_patagioenas              tailed_hillstar              throated_honeyeater              necked_stork_ciconia_episcopus              schuettii              tailed_treecreeper              niveogularis              gorgeted_flycatcher              alnorum_willow_flycatcher_empidonax              schisticeps              cheeked_tit              bellied_cuckooshrike              galactotes              slate_colored_seedeater              plumed_honeyeater              throated_caracara              naped_tit              eared_puffbird              buff_spotted_flufftail              guifsobalito              cinnyris_talatala              fulvifrons              backed_vulture_gyps              sporophila_corvina              headed_duck_oxyura             

Examples of "fronted_nunbird"
The black-fronted nunbird ("Monasa nigrifrons") is a species of bird in the family Bucconidae, the puffbirds.
The white-fronted nunbird ("Monasa morphoeus") is a species of near passerine bird in the puffbird family (Bucconidae). It is found in the tropical Americas.
The black-fronted nunbird has a black body and bright red-orange bill. It is found in small gregarious groups in lower to mid-level forests.
The black-fronted nunbird is found principally in the Amazon Basin south of the Amazon River. It also occurs at the confluence of the Rio Negro (north of the Amazon) and upstream along the Amazon itself. Its range extends south and east beyond the Tocantins River towards the Cerrado region of east-central Brazil; it is also found in the Pantanal, though not the very southern portion.
It occurs in Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela; in southern Central America in Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. The white-fronted nunbird is found in the southern Amazon Basin, with the Amazon River as its northern limit, and extends to Maranhão state on the Atlantic coast; in the west, specifically northwest, it is limited eastwards by the lower reaches of the Rio Negro but extends westward towards the eastern Andes foothills. Its range largely skips the Andean cordillera – though it is found in some lower-lying ranges, like the Serranía de las Quinchas in Colombia – and continues west of the Andes into southern Central America to Nicaragua and Honduras.