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Examples of "fruck"
KDUZ was initially owned by a partnership of brothers Albert Tedesco, Victor Tedesco, and Nicholas Tedesco operating as the McLeod County Broadcasting Company. Ted Hanson served as the station's first program director with Howard Nordine as news director and Albert Tedesco as general manager. In 1955, Heinz Fruck took over the general manager role, a job he held into the 1980s.
KDUZ-FM was launched under the ownership of the North American Broadcasting Company, part of the Tedesco Group, under company president Albert S. Tedesco. Other key staffers included general manager and news director Heinz R. Fruck, chief engineer Darrell Gander, and program director. These positions would remain stable through the end of the 1970s, with the exception of the program director slot which saw at least four people hold the position in that decade.