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In 2003 Frukwan released his debut solo album, "Life". The fourth Gravediggaz album "6 Feet Under" was released in 2004 by Cleopatra Records and featured songs from "Nightmare in A-Minor" and "Life". According to Frukwan, he had nothing to do with the release and claimed that song titles were changed without permission, making it an unauthorized release.
Life is the debut solo album by American rapper and former Stetsasonic and Gravediggaz member Frukwan, released on the BMG label in 2003 (see 2003 in music).
Poetic then joined Wu-Tang Clan's leader RZA, former De La Soul/Stetsasonic producer Prince Paul, and Frukwan from Stetsasonic in the hip-hop supergroup Gravediggaz. Concerning the origins of the supergroup, he said:
Along with Frukwan of Stetsasonic, Too Poetic of Brothers Grimm, and The RZA of Wu-Tang Clan Prince Paul formed the group Gravediggaz, and their first album, "Niggamortis/6 Feet Deep" (1994), was released by Gee Street records.
Frukwan and Prince Paul were founding members of the Gravediggaz, while the latter also became a record producer, as did Daddy-O, who worked with Freestyle Fellowship, Mary J. Blige, Positive K and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, among others.
An intimate memorial service for him was held at the Riverside Church in Harlem on August 4, 2001, attended by his family and close friends including bandmates Frukwan and Prince Paul.
Around 2000, Gravediggaz recruited DJ Diamond J. Poetic died of colon cancer in July 2001. Frukwan stated in an interview not long after Poetic's death that a new album using leftover Poetic material would be released. "Nightmare in A-Minor", the third official album for Gravediggaz, came out in 2001; it featured two of the original members, Poetic and Frukwan. This album was their darkest work yet, including many references to Poetic's struggle with cancer, as well as apocalyptic themes to do with the teachings of the Five Percent Nation. Although RZA did not take part in the album, some Wu-Tang Clan affiliates such as 4th Disciple, True Master and Beretta 9 were involved. The album was mostly produced by Poetic and Frukwan. A different version of the album (minus the song "Better Wake Up") was released in 2002, for which some of the tracks created by Poetic were replaced or altered.
RZA was the first to follow up on the success of "Enter the Wu-Tang" with a side project, founding the Gravediggaz with Prince Paul and Frukwan (both of Stetsasonic) and Poetic. The Gravediggaz released "6 Feet Deep" in August 1994, which became one of the best known works to emerge from hip hop's small subgenre of horrorcore.
In September 2009, it was announced that Odadjian will be performing live as "DecompoZeR" in Europe in October. He will be accompanying Rza. DecompoZeR is Odadjian's producer alias. He announced that completed tracks are anticipated to be released in 2010, including a brand-new GraveDiggaz track featuring Frukwan aka: The Gatekeeper. Other collaborations include 60 Second Assassin, Killah Priest, and others.
"Nightmare in A-Minor" was initially released by Echo Distribution on August 23, 2001. It was re-released without the track "Better Wake Up" on Empire Musicwerks/BMG in 2002 to critical plaudits. According to Frukwan, a new album may be released using left over material from Poetic.
In 1994, Paul joined RZA, Frukwan and Too Poetic in Gravediggaz, a project that debuted with "6 Feet Deep". His first solo album, "", came out in 1997, followed by a second album, "A Prince Among Thieves", in 1999. Later that year Prince Paul formed Handsome Boy Modeling School with Dan the Automator and they released the album "So...How's Your Girl?".
Gravediggaz is an American hip hop group from New York City, known for its dark sense of humor and abrasive, menacing soundscapes. The group was formed in 1991, bringing together Prince Paul (The Undertaker), Frukwan (The Gatekeeper), Poetic (The Grym Reaper) and RZA (The RZArector). It came about largely due to the efforts of Prince Paul. The group pioneered the small hip-hop subgenre of horrorcore.
According to Frukwan, the group's name means "digging graves of the mentally dead, and it stood for resurrecting the mentally dead from their state of unawareness and ignorance." The group's lyrics mix black humor (regarding topics such as suicide, death, killing, psychopathy, hell, etc.), criticism regarding the music industry, cartoonish violence reminiscent of the Geto Boys, and esoteric references to the Nation of Gods and Earths. The group pioneered the horrorcore genre.
The group's first album was originally to be titled "Niggamortis"; however, this potentially risqué title was changed to "6 Feet Deep" for the American market (European versions of the album retained the original title, and also included the bonus track "Pass the Shovel"); it was released on August 9, 1994. The four members adopted "Gravedigga" alter egos for their work with the group: RZA became The RZArector, Poetic became The Grym Reaper, Prince Paul became The Undertaker and Frukwan became The Gatekeeper. In 1995, the three rapping members (without Prince Paul) released a collaborative EP titled "The Hell EP" with UK trip hop artist Tricky.
After the group's second album, "The Pick, the Sickle and the Shovel", was released in 1997, The RZA and Prince Paul decided to leave Gravediggaz, leaving Frukwan and Poetic as the only remaining members. During this time, Anthony's rhyming style had matured more. He later showcased this new style in the 1998 single “Savior,” which was produced by British-born producer Baby J, The song was more different than most of his Gravediggaz related material as he rhymed about how much he detested mainstream hip-hop music in general.
Blood, Sweat & No Tears is the third and final album from hip hop group Stetsasonic. Producer Prince Paul, acclaimed for his work with De La Soul, continued a successful production career. Paul and Frukwan became members of the popular horrorcore group Gravediggaz, along with Poetic and The RZA. Daddy-O also went on to produce popular artists during the 1990s. The CD version replaces the songs "To Whom It May Concern", "Corporate America", and "Do You Remember This?", which were included on the cassette version, with the new tracks "Gyrlz", "Your Mother Has Green Teeth", and "Took Place In East New York".
Fear, Love & War is the third album by the hip hop group Killarmy, which was released September 11, 2001, on Loud/Relativity Records. The album came three years after its second album, "Dirty Weaponry". Nearly half the album was produced by the group's primary beat maker and group member 4th Disciple, with additional production provided by group affiliates Falling Down and Rebel Dainja, as well as underground production duo the Infinite Arkatechz. The album features guest appearances from Wu-Tang Clan member U-God and Wu-Tang Clan affiliates Prodigal Sunn, Frukwan, Lord Superb, and Polite. The album features the singles "Feel It" b/w "Militant" and "Street Monopoly" b/w "Monster."
In 1989, Wise (with fellow Stetsasonic members Delite, Daddy-O and Frukwan) participated in KRS-One's Stop the Violence Movement, an assembly of hip hop artists including Kool Moe Dee, Heavy D, MC Lyte, Public Enemy, and Doug E. Fresh. This artistic collaboration yielded the posse cut "Self Destruction", a protest song decrying black-on-black violence and media stigmatisation of all hip hop as violent. Unusually, Wise was featured not as a human percussionist, but as a vocalist, sharing his verse with Daddy-O. Released in 1989, the single reached #75 in the US Top 40.
Poetic, under the guidance of Prince Paul, later transformed into the distinguished G.R.Y.M. or Grym Reaper in the most well-known Horrorcore Super Group Gravediggaz. Prince Paul (“The Undertaker”), The RZA (Prince Rakeem, Wu Tang Clan’s Abbot, “The RZArecta”), Frukwan (Stetsasonic, “The Gatekeeper”, Sunstar) along with Poetic (“The G.R.Y.M. Reaper”, Tony Titanium), all X-Tommy Boy Artists, recorded their demo between 1992–93 and got their deal with Gee Street/Island Records in 1994 – releasing their first classic single “Diary of a Mad Man” featuring Killah Priest and Shabazz the Disciple of the rap group Sunz of Man (Wu Tang Camp). Their first single, which made them an instant fixture on the rap scene, was said to be a parody of the group’s trial for the murder of “Tommy's Boy”, a broader symbolism for all the record labels who rejected them, or counted their early careers as dead.
During his time in association with Boogie Down Productions, KRS-One joined with other rappers to create the Stop the Violence Movement, which addressed many of the issues brought about through BDP’s music and is the most conscious effort displayed by KRS-One and Boogie Down Productions of political Activism and engagement. The movement created the single “Self-Destruction” in 1989 through the collaboration of hip-hop artists Boogie Down Productions (KRS-One, D-Nice & Ms. Melodie), Stetsasonic (Delite, Daddy-O, Wise, and Frukwan), Kool Moe Dee, MC Lyte, Doug E. Fresh, Just-Ice, Heavy D, Biz Markie, Public Enemy (Chuck D & Flavor Flav) with the aim of spreading awareness about violence throughout African-American and hip-hop communities. All proceeds from this effort went to the National Urban League.