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In 2012 FSJ conducted a survey of the demographics of FSJ readers which concluded with the following results.
Vasović was one of the strongest and most persistent critics of the Yugoslav FA (FSJ) leadership, especially its longtime president Miljan Miljanić. His criticism particularly intensified after the breakup of SFR Yugoslavia. In 1997 Vasović founded an organization called "Udruženje za razvoj i prosperitet jugoslovenskog fudbala" (Organization for the Development and Prosperity of Yugoslav Football) through which he channeled his criticism of the FSJ.
Salvo is a Christian magazine published by the Fellowship of St. James (FSJ). The magazine is based in Chicago, Illinois, USA.
He is equally known as the all-powerful president of the Football Association of FR Yugoslavia (FSJ), a post he occupied for years before leaving in 2001.
The Football Association of Yugoslavia (FSJ) (, ; ; ; ) was the governing body of football in Yugoslavia, based in Belgrade, with a major administrative branch in Zagreb.
Jeep's SJ platform was part of the "FSJ" or full-size Jeep lineup. According to the International Full Size Jeep Association, an "FSJ" is any vehicle produced in North America, carrying the "Jeep" nameplate, with 2 or 4 doors, in rear- or four-wheel drive, whose wheelbase does not exceed , nor is less than , and whose tread width is no more than nor less than . This definition is known to include the following models:
In 1986, he took over the Yugoslav national team. The first qualifying cycle for Euro 88 ended in failure with an embarrassing 1–4 home loss versus England. Contrary to expectations and custom considering the fate of Yugoslav coaches who presided over prior failed qualifying campaigns, Osim was not fired by Yugoslav FA (FSJ) largely thanks to personal authority of FSJ president Miljan Miljanić who wanted Osim to be given another chance.
Due to their political undertones and the potential to undermine the country's official inter-ethnic guiding principle during the sensitive time when MASPOK was gathering steam in SR Croatia, the Split football protests quickly came to the attention of Yugoslav politicians who decided to deal with the situation by pressing FSJ into changing its disciplinary ruling and registering the 2-2 score. FSJ did exactly that, reinstating the score at the moment when the match was interrupted as the official result.
The voluntary social year in Austria and Germany (German "Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr", abbr. FSJ) is a state-funded voluntary work program particularly for young adults. It can last between six and eighteen months and also be spent working abroad. Before compulsory military or civilian service was abandoned in Germany, the FSJ could be used as a replacement if the service duration was at least twelve months.
The Croatian League 1948–49 was a football (soccer) competition in Croatia organized by the Football Federation of Croatia, a sub-organization under the umbrella of the Football Association of Yugoslavia (FSJ).
De Nicoló directed both the government’s Instituto Distrital para la Protección de la Niñez y la Juventud (IDIPRON) and the nongovernmental organization he had founded, Fundación Servicio de Orientación Juvenil (FSJ). IDIPRON helps children rescued from the streets.
For the start of Euro 80 qualifying in fall 1978 FSJ brought back Biće Mladinić, who at the time also led FK Partizan, to be the next national team head coach.
The Yugoslav football league system refers to the system of interconnected leagues in association football which was in place during the existence of Yugoslavia and organized by the Football Association of Yugoslavia (FSJ).
Within weeks, in late December, his defection and deception became known back home, creating one of the biggest scandals in Yugoslav sporting history. Hajduk management was furious, starting a smear campaign against the player in Yugoslav media, branding him a traitor, a deserter, and a drunk. They also got the Yugoslav FA (FSJ) to enlist its FIFA connections and request a ban on Žungul taking part in any FIFA-affiliated competitions. FSJ did so and FIFA granted the ban, leaving the MISL, which was not affiliated with FIFA, as his only option.
Now the FIFA ban became the issue once again, and FSJ chimed in, asking for the ban to be upheld. It wasn't, due to the Earthquakes refusing to honour it by referencing the US Supreme Court decision, meaning the player would get his chance in the outdoor game again following a four-year absence.
In the 71st minute of the aforementioned match, the result was 1-1. The disciplinary committee of the FSJ suspended all the players of Red Star (except Vladimir Beara and Kostić) for a month. The club did not appeal against the decision, and Rajko Mitić made the most positive impression possible on the shocked football public.
Since 2004, the Foundation sponsors positions for the Voluntary Social Year in Culture ( or FSJ), a program of National Service for teenagers and young adults who meet certain educational requirements. There is a position each at the Directorate-General of the Berlin State Museums, Ibero-American Institute, Berlin State Library and the Central Archive of the Berlin State Museums.
The season featured an incident that occurred in Split's Stari plac Stadium in fall 1970 during the Hajduk vs. OFK Beograd fixture. With the score tied at 2-2, match referee Ristić fell unconscious after getting hit in the head with an object thrown from the stands. The match was stopped and the Yugoslav FA's (FSJ) disciplinary body decided to register it with 0-3 score for OFK Beograd.
With tensions running high, a football riot took place on May 13, 1990, at Maksimir during a Yugoslav First League match between the Croatian club Dinamo Zagreb and the Serbian club Red Star Belgrade. Croatian midfielder Zvonimir Boban kicked the policeman Refik Ahmetović and as a result got suspended by the Football Association of Yugoslavia (FSJ) for six months, causing him to miss the FIFA World Cup 1990 as well as the pre-tournament preparation friendlies.
At the end of the Second World War the monarchy was abolished and the country became a federal people's republic, FPRY. The entire football system was restructured. The sub-associations ceased to exist and they gave place to the republics, one of six federal units, associations, although same as before, all of them were under the national Yugoslav Football Association (FSJ). Numerous clubs were disbanded, mostly the ones which had a monarchic or bourgeois connotations, among them Jugoslavija and BSK.