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Examples of "fumagalli"
José Fernando Fumagalli (born October 5, 1977 in Monte Alto, São Paulo), or simply Fumagalli, is a Brazilian football midfielder.
A few years later, in 1908, Pion and Fumagalli decide to produce their own movie equipment, and they start the Fumagalli, Pion & C. company.
Renato Fumagalli was born in Milan on 6 June 1945. His father, Arnaldo Fumagalli, worked at Ramazzotti distillery. Her mother, Pippa Berichelli, was a nurse at San Raffaele Hospital.
The Countryside Best Player of the Year was awarded to Fumagalli.
Carlo Fumagalli (born April 25, 1996) is an Italian basketball player.
Corrado Fumagalli (born in Cassano d'Adda, Italy July 27, 1967) is an Italian television presenter.
Michelangelo Fumagalli (April 14, 1812 – January 25, 1886) was an Italian painter born in Milan.
5. Marco Dono, Andrea Bettiga, Angelo Fumagalli, Iveco, +1:28:27
Fumagalli studied at the University of Iowa where he earned his bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees in fine arts.
As of 2006, Candy remains a family-owned company; Beppe Fumagalli is today the Chairman of the Board.
Polibio Fumagalli (October 26, 1830 in Inzago – June 21, 1900 in Milan) was an Italian composer, organist, and pianist.
Orazio Fumagalli (21 February 1921 – 10 April 2004) was an Italian sculptor who worked in the United States.
The town is currently administered by Lesmo Amica with Roberto Antonioli as mayor and Marco Fumagalli as vice mayor.
In July 2012 Di Masi returned to professional football with Avellino, as the backup of Ermanno Fumagalli.
Luca Fumagalli (born Inzago, May 29, 1837 - died Milan, June 5, 1908) was an Italian composer, pianist, and music educator.
The group disbanded in 1967 due to infighting. Fumagalli and Cisti later formed a new band, "I Capelloni".
On March 9, 2015, Peppino Fumagalli died. Now his son Beppe is the CEO of the Company.
The Genoa University, in 1968, awarded Niso Fumagalli the h.c. degree in engineering, acknowledging his pivotal innovations in the washing machine and the many patents he held. The year before, Enzo Fumagalli died, yet Candy continued to grow under the guidance of his brothers Peppino and Niso. The latter died in 1990.
In August 2009, the Company purchased the wheels business of ArvinMeritor in Brazil, Mexico and the United States, which was then named "Fumagalli Division".
Adolfo Fumagalli (19 October 18283 May 1856) was a 19th-century Italian virtuoso pianist and composer, known today primarily for his virtuosic compositions for the left hand alone.