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Examples of "funboard"
The Boracay International Funboard Cup is an international funboard cup competition held yearly in Boracay island in the town of Malay, Aklan. The event started in 2008.
Boracay is one competitive venue for the Asian Windsurfing Tour, with the week-long Boracay International Funboard Cup competition usually held in January on Bulabog Beach. . CNNGo, a division of CNN focused on travel/lifestyle/entertainment, selected the Boracay International Funboard Competition on the weekend of January 22–24 as one of its 52 weekend recommendations for 2010.
Trestel is a popular area for windsurfing. It hosted the French funboard championship in October–November 1990.
This class of windsurfing was born in the late 90s as an upgrade from funboard-type course-racing boards looking to lower wind limits and broaden wind strengths.
Slalom boards are small and narrow, and require high winds. Funboard class racing rules require the wind of 9–35 knots for the slalom event to take place.
The concept of Formula Windsurfing as a class was formed by the joint effort of the International Board Sailing Association (IBSA) and the International Funboard Class Association (IFCA), and was successfully pioneered on 24 March 1998 in Brest, France. During the four days of competition the top 20 French funboard sailors raced ten eliminations in winds of 6 to 12 knots. The winner of the event was Erik Thieme on a 2.75m board powered by a 10.0m^2 sail.
At the 1985 Southeast Asian Games, Chan won a bronze medal in the King Cobra event. Two years later, he won a silver medal in the Semi-Funboard event at the 1987 Southeast Asian Games.
The funboard combines elements of both shortboards and longboards and are generally midsized, usually . The funboard's design allows waves to be caught more easily than a shortboard, yet with a shape that makes it more maneuverable than a longboard; hence it is a popular type of surfboard, especially among beginners or those transitioning from longboarding to the more difficult shortboarding.
During 1999 many national funboard associations included Formula as a discipline in their national racing circuits. Four international Formula regattas were held, including the first Formula World Championships, in Belgium, won by Wojtek Brzozowski from Poland. The Formula Windsurfing Class was adopted as an ISAF "International" class in 2001.
New and inexperienced surfers typically learn to catch waves on softboards around the 7–8 foot funboard size. Due to the softness of the surfboard the chance of getting injured is substantially minimized. Costco's alaia design Wavestorm surfboard is an 8 foot board and it is a cheap and cost efficient option; unlike many surfboards, this one comes with rubber fins, stock leash, pre-installed traction pad.
Le Havre has been and is still the venue of major sports events: the Tour de France has passed a dozen times by the Ocean Gate, the last stage took place here in 2015. Sailing events are often held and the Transat Jacques Vabre transatlantic race has been held every two years since 1993 linking Le Havre to Latin America. The course of the Solitaire du Figaro was partly in Le Havre in 2010. Since 2006, weekends of freestyle board sports have been popular (skateboarding, rollerblading, funboard, kiteboarding, skydiving etc.). Every summer roller blade events are organized in the city on Friday evening every fortnight and have great success. The first International Triathlon was held in 2012. Finally, there are several opportunities for runners with ten kilometres () in Le Havre or the strides of Montgeon.