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wakare              maboroshi              hitobito              chikai              inochi              susume              nazo              hanayome              okurimono              hajimari              yoake              mizu              musuko              shiawase              tatakai              sakana              jikake              yakusoku              tsuma              hitotsu              hitori              suke              otona              tasogare              ichinichi              tsukiyo              kaeru              shikaku              yoru              jikan              tabibito              yakata              taiyou              kanashimi              shimai              fukkatsu              unmei              danshi              kuni              shoka              kurashi              kimochi              hoshizora              hajimete              tsugi              himitsu              kotoba              tengoku              futatsu              tsuioku             

Examples of "fune"
The name Sa Fune (the family of Fune) is associated with a man called Fune, a warrior who established his court in a number of villages in Savai'i. Fune is believed to have been the first holder of the Le Tagaloa chief title in the 10th century.
SBS FunE (stylised SBS funE, formerly UTV, E! and SBS E!) is a South Korean cable and satellite television channel owned by SBS.
Fune-no-kagakukan Station opened on 1 November 1995.
It was not long before people started improving on these primitive wells. The area around a well was tiled with stones, then "fune" (水船) was invented. Wooden or bamboo shafts were used to carry water from nearby wells and springs to a fune or manually filled by women. Water was carried from these fune to a water vase from where it was used. Sometimes a fune was made inside a house, but it did not have the function of a sink. It was used to collect and store water and nothing more. Fune later became a part of a Japanese garden.
Another story relates that Fune and Fotu were the children of Lafai. Fune founded Safune and Fotu founded Safotu. Both villages were warlike. People from Safune had a war with the people of Faleata and many people were killed.
Above the slaves were the castes of Soninke, which too were hereditary, endogamous and had an embedded hierarchical status. They included, for example, the "garanke" (leather workers) below the "fune" (bard), the "fune" below the "gesere" or "jeli" (griots, singers), the "jeli" below the "tage" or "numu" (smiths, pottery workers).
In September, 2004, she released "Toki no Fune", which was composed by the Japanese singer Akeboshi. It is similar to his song, "A nine days' wonder", which was released after the "Toki no Fune" single. The single also contains a cover of Akeboshi's "White Reply" previously recorded on her sixth album, "Harvest Songs".
Above the slaves were the castes of Soninke, which too were hereditary, endogamous and had an embedded hierarchical status. They included, for example, the "garanke" (leather workers) below the "fune" (bard), the "fune" below the "gesere" or "jeli" (griots, singers), the "jeli" below the "tage" or "numu" (smiths, pottery workers).
Okamoto began drawing for "Kin no Fune", a magazine of children's literature and songs, in 1919. Knowing Ujō Noguchi through his jobs, Okamoto drew illustrations for Noguchi's works.
In 1987, the 8,000-year-old Dufuna canoe was discovered in Fune, near the village of Dufuna and the Komadugu Gana River.
Moon Phantoms is a collaboration between Bardo Pond and Japanese psychedelic rock band Suishou No Fune. Their self-titled album was released in 2009.
"-fune" is used for names of ships (in this case spaceships, but it may also be used for other craft). Tsunami-fune is known to be "the most powerful of all ships" (quote from episode 6, 'We Need Tenchi!). This reputation is well justified. For one thing, Tsunami-fune is able to control all Ships of Jurai, since it is from her that the Ships power is derived. Also, Tsunami-fune's defenses are 100% impenetrable by any form of attack in our three dimensions, due to her ability to generate ten Koh-Oh-Yoku, or "Light-Hawk-Wings". Ten Wings represent the maximum force that can be generated at any one point in our dimensions. Any more would shatter the multiverse. Tsunami-fune has demonstrated matter-transportation, multiple-environment generation, energy-based weaponry and sub-space travel. Tsunami-fune is officially listed as belonging to Sasami. It is unknown exactly when or how Tsunami-fune was created, but it is estimated to be between 700 and 695 years ago. An alternate possibility is that the ship has always existed but remains hidden except for select periods when Tsunami decides it is needed, although considering the nature of Jurai ships, this is unlikely.
The 8,500-year-old Dufuna canoe was discovered during a dig near the river in 1987 in the Fune Local Government Area.
However, Ryoko, Ayeka (with Ryo-Ohki’s help) and Washu were easily able to handle Fujimasa, Sorunaru and Baguma respectively, while Sasami easily defeated Mashisu with skills that Mashisu was ill-equipped to handle, and helped her notice that she is in love with Misao. The group was then taken on board Sasami's ship, Tsunami-fune. It was on board Tsunami-fune that Seto Jurai treated the five to an impromptu party, which involved plenty of the rare libation Shinju sake
Corrective Errors~remix of 舟 is an album of remixes by Hajime Fukuma and Kenji Konishi of songs from "Fune", released on Hirasawa's own indie label SYUN. Released before Fune itself, it provided an early glimpse into the album. A single featuring a slightly different mix of "Wrecked Ship Saksit re-mix" was released as a special gift to consumers of SYUN releases. This was the last P-Model release pressed on vinyl.
His consort was Taima-no-Yamashiro (or Tagima-no-Yamashiro) and he had many sons: Princes Mihara, Mishima, Fune (or Funa), Ikeda, Moribe, Miura and Ōi (later Emperor Junnin).
is a "seinen" kanzenban magazine published by Shueisha's subsidiary Home-sha. The magazine currently serializes the samurai-based "Nobunaga no Kyodai Tetsu Fune: Sengoku no Umi o Seisu" every month.
In his second term after the return to democracy, on 6 January 2000, Yobe Governor Bukar Ibrahim re-implemented the new emirates, adding Gazargamo, Gujba, Nguru, Tikau, Pataskum, Yusufari, Gudi, Fune and Jajere.
Fune is a Local Government Area in Yobe State, Nigeria. Its headquarters are in the town of Damagum in the southwest of the area on the A3 highway at.
The series was later picked up by the SBS-owned pay TV channels SBS Plus, SBS funE, and SBS MTV, and is scheduled to premiere on these channels on April 28, 2017.