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Examples of "funemployment"
Less than a week after being fired from KUFO, Dylan and former production assistant Greg Nibler started a podcast named "Funemployment Radio", from Nibler's spare bedroom. After nearly eight months, Emerson, along with Dawn Taylor, began two online radio shows, complete with studio space, which they share with Greg and Sarah. Funemployment Radio is available on iTunes and via daily.
Greg Nibler (born July 2, 1977) is an American Internet radio host, Internet television host, musician, and actor. Formerly of The Nibler Show and "The Rick Emerson Show", he is the current Host of "Funemployment Radio" and "Sportlandia"
On January 2, 2012, Emerson announced his retirement from the broadcasting industry. The Internet station he started has continued under the moniker "Funemployment Radio Network" with on-air hosts (and station managers) Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan.
On a Funemployment Radio episode May 26, 2016, Jay Chandrasekhar confirmed that a small test segment of the film has been shot and full production will start in August 2016.
Riley begun podcasting an offbeat-format news podcast in early 2015 in between his broadcasting gigs for terrestrial Portland radio. He has a short to medium length format podcast and is also featured occasionally as a guest on "Funemployment Radio".
The editorial team launched the Trends With Benefits podcast in Oct. 2014. It is hosted by Greg Nibler, the host of the Funemployment Radio and Sportlandia podcasts, and is available as a subscription through iTunes, Stitcher, and as an RSS feed.
Sarah X Dylan (born October 9, 1980) is an American Internet radio host, Internet television host, and former radio producer and talk show co-host. Formerly of the "The Rick Emerson Show" and KOIN-TV, and current co-host of "Funemployment Radio", and is based in Portland, Oregon. Her name is a stage name.
Dylan lives in Southeast Portland, Oregon, ("practically neighbors with Rick and Greg"). Whenever she made reference to someone she was dating, an alias was used to preserve their identity, such as "Raúl", "The Cab Driver", or "The Comedian" while working on "The Rick Emerson Show", but she has become more candid in naming names on "Funemployment Radio" podcasts and archive.
The exposure of "Funemployment Radio" brought his (and Ms. Dylan's) talents to the attention of the Trail Blazers who hired them as the hosts of "Sportlandia", a show revolving around sports and the culture of Portland, Oregon. "Sportlandia's" first broadcast was on February 18, 2011, and became a smash hit for the Portland Trail Blazers. As of December 2011, the show airs on Fridays at 12pm PST, at, as well as 90 minutes before each Blazer's game.
When "The Rick Emerson Show" ended in October 2009, Greg and producer Sarah X Dylan began a podcast, "Funemployment Radio (.com)". He later recalled: "Within a week, we both realized that neither of us could handle the boredom of no longer doing a show. I had a makeshift recording studio in a spare bedroom at my house, so we sat down and tried a couple of test shows to see if we had the ability to work well one on one. As it turned out, we could!" Their show was an instant success, not only from Emerson's audience, but by others from around the world. The show debuted on November 5, 2009 and was nominated as one of the top 10 comedy podcasts in the world, for the 2010 and 2011 Podcast Awards.
It's been a few weeks since Kara's firing from CatCo, as she enjoys her "Funemployment" with Mon-El. Suddenly, they notice the television broadcasting messages demanding that Earth surrender Mon-El or else. When they arrive at the DEO, Kara and Mon-El are informed by J'onn as they see a spaceship hovering around National City, and Mon-El has no explanation as to why they're after him. J'onn also wonders what happened to Winn, but he's spending time with Lyra at the museum. Kara decides to check out the ship, only to be met with weapons set on target and she dodges them only to be trapped inside a bubble trap. Mon-El intervenes, agreeing to turn himself in and they let Kara go. At the DEO, Mon-El tells Kara, J'onn, and Alex that he's ready to face the visiting aliens and prepares to beam aboard the ship, but a concerned Kara speeds off into his arms and are beamed up together. When they land on the ship, Kara is stunned to see the occupants bowing down to Mon-El. They are met by a couple, Lar-Gand and Rhea, who happen to not only be Mon-El's parents, but were the rulers of Daxam before its destruction — meaning Mon-El is the prince of the destroyed planet. Eventually, they apologize to Kara for trying to attack her.