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fur_trader              frontiersman              peter_skene_ogden              jim_bridger              homesteader              trapper              fur_trappers              jedediah_smith              rancher              fur_traders              lumberman              cattleman              trappers              pierre_esprit_radisson              land_speculator              sheepherder              beckwourth              toussaint_charbonneau              cattle_rancher              coureur_des_bois              kit_carson              mitch_bouyer              grouard              prospector              adventurer              belaney              la_vérendrye              métis_fur_trader              jean_baptiste_faribault              louis_jolliet              caver              backwoodsman              newspaperman              lawman              longhunter              fur_trading              daniel_greysolon_sieur              explorer              étienne_brûlé              outdoorsman              pioneer_settler              woodsman              fur_trapping              arctic_explorer              du_lhut              daniel_boone              frontiersmen              settler              homesteaders              homesteaded             

Examples of "fur_trapper"
George Michaud, a fur trapper, camps along the Snake River and Teton Range in Idaho.
Ovide de Montigny was a French-Canadian fur trapper active in the Pacific Northwest from 1811 to 1822.
James Henry Lockwood (December 7, 1793 – August 24, 1857) was an American businessman, fur trapper, lawyer, and public official.
Charlie Tucker, a fur trapper, resides near Great North Woods in Ashland, Maine. He often partners with Jim Dumond.
Fur trapper Jean La Bête (Oliver Reed) paddles his canoe through wild water towards the settlement in order to sell a load of furs.
Reviewer Leonard Maltin noted "(The) Mad Trapper" was made in 1972 and was based on the story of "... a fur trapper pursued by the law in Arctic surroundings."
Hardy's brother Jonathan became a successful local fur-trapper, as did Jonathan's son, Manly Hardy. Manly Hardy's daughter (Jeremiah Hardy's grandniece) was the folklorist Fannie Pearson Hardy Eckstorm.
François Benjamin Pillet was a French-Canadian fur trapper active in the Pacific Northwest in the early 19th century, primarily employed by the Pacific Fur Company.
Pierre Dorion Jr. (1782-1814) was a Métis fur trapper and interpreter that worked across the modern Midwestern United States and later the Pacific Northwest.
He also worked as a fur trapper. When he died in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, in 1847, he was said to be the wealthiest man on the reservation. His mixed-breed descendants still lived in Michigan.
Chadron is named for Louis Chartran, a French-Indian (Métis) fur trapper who ran a trading post on Bordeaux Creek in 1841. He was married to an American Indian woman.
Richard Prickett was an early settler of Michigan and Wisconsin. He was a fur trapper and an interpreter for the United States government during its early contacts with the Menominee tribe.
John Day (ca. 1770 – February 16, 1820) was an American hunter and fur trapper in the Pacific Northwest, including present-day Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Western Montana and Southern British Columbia.
Miranda moved to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in 1980 to pursue a career as a fur trapper. Miranda made his own trapping scents and started a small business selling his Competition Line Lures in 1982.
The three western trails, the Santa Fe, Oregon, and California trails crossed the river just north of Red Bridge Road and Minor Park. Mountain man/ fur trapper Jim Bridger had a trading post at this location.
Antoine Robidoux (September 24, 1794 – August 29, 1860) was a fur trapper and trader of French-Canadian descent best known for his exploits in the American Southwest in the first half of the 19th century.
When More was 17 his father died, and he applied to join the RAF, but failed the medical test for equilibrium. He went to Canada, intending to work as a fur trapper, but was sent back for lacking immigration papers.
In the early 19th century, the nomadic French Canadian fur trapper, François Payette, roamed the area alongside other mountain men including Jim Bridger, Peter Skene Ogden, and Jedediah Smith.
The Weber River is a "c". long river of northern Utah, USA. It begins in the northwest of the Uinta Mountains and empties into the Great Salt Lake. The Weber River was named for American fur trapper John Henry Weber.
He also starred as mountain man/fur trapper Joe Crane in two different Disney series, "The Saga of Andy Burnett", adapted from the Stewart Edward White novel "The Long Rifle" and "Zorro".