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delattre              guimond              millasseau              horcajada              benech              pirottin              loussouarn              guiot              guigon              demierre              cruaud              bessis              duflos              legras              guilloteau              fournel              prevot              guenet              boursier              jaillon              maurage              jouanneau              pignol              artiguenave              pinguet              labarriere              philippon              pontier              lozach              castera              faivre              bouillot              reboul              benichou              nogues              marguet              boitard              toutain              desnoyers              chambaz              ktorza              copin              diot              porchet              salesse              houssin              fievet              rimoldi              descoteaux              peschanski             

Examples of "gaborit"
Gaborit, Michelle : Aspects de la peinture murale médiévale en Périgord, présenté au Congrès archéologique de France - Monuments en Périgord, 156e session.
Jean Gaborit maintains its own online shop, but most other fetish boots sold online are commonly sourced from either Pleaser or Biondini—the latter more in Europe.
Bohan’s first wife, Dominique Gaborit, whom he married in 1950, died in 1962. He then married Huguette Rinjonneau. They had one daughter: Marie-Anne.
A select group of European cobblers have specialized in higher-priced thigh boots for the fetish market. Legendary among these was the London-based Little Shoe Box, which crafted both ready-to-wear and custom thigh boots in leather and real patent leather. The Little Shoe Box, however, ceased operations in 2005 after 40 years of operation. Three other cobblers, Leatherworks Ltd. (London), Biondini (Italy) and Jean Gaborit of Paris have continued the tradition of producing higher quality fetish thigh boots. Jean Gaborit also specializes in boots and made-to-measure boots.
A fine example of Louis XV-era art, the organ was made by Claude Parisot from Lorraine. Its case was carved by the Flemish artist Melchior Verly. Completed in 1741, the instrument was restored in 1965 and in 2004 by the organmakers Jean-Baptiste Boisseau and Jean-Marie Gaborit. With 27 pipes, it is regularly used for concerts.
"Lettres communes", by Pope Urban 5, Tome 3, fasc. 2, ed. Pierre Botineau, Danielle Gaborit, Nicole Gotteri, Geneviève Hasenohr, Anne-Marie Hayez, Chantal Reydellet et François-Charles Uginet ; sous la dir. de Michel Hayez. École française de Rome (Rome), 1976. Bibliothèque des Ecoles françaises d'Athènes et de Rome. 3e série, "Lettres communes des papes du 14e siècle" num. 5 bis, p. 383-672.
Agone is an epic fantasy roleplaying game based on novels by award-winning fantasy writer Mathieu Gaborit. "Agone" is set in the land of Harmundia – also known as the Twilight Realms. The game was published in French starting in 1999 by the now-defunct company Multisim, which also translated five books into English starting in 2001. There are over 30 books and supplements for the game published in French.
A variant of the approach described above is an authenticated version in the work of Zhang, Zhang, Ding, Snook and Dagdelen in their paper, "Post Quantum Authenticated Key Exchange from Ideal Lattices." The concept of creating what has been called a Diffie-Hellman-like Key Exchange using lattices with a reconciliation function appears to have first been presented by French researchers Aguilar, Gaborit, Lacharme, Schrek, and Zemor at PQCrypto 2010 in their talk, "Noisy Diffie-Hellman Protocols."
A few weeks after the outbreak of World War II, the film was banned by the government. The ban was lifted briefly in 1940, but after the fall of France that June, it was banned again. Subsequently the original negative of the film was destroyed in an Allied bombing raid. It was not until the 1950s that French film enthusiasts Jean Gaborit and Jacques Durand, with Renoir's cooperation, reconstructed a near-complete print of the film. Since screenings and reappraisals since the 1960s, "The Rules of the Game" has frequently appeared near the top of critics' polls of the best films ever made.
Spann-Fischer scores have been associated with membership in Codependents Anonymous, gender, self-esteem, locus of control, depression, relationship with parents, and anxiety (Fischer, Spann & Crawford, 1991); narcissism (O'Brien & Gaborit, 1992); parental co-dependency (Irwin, 1995); age (Crothers & Warren, 1996); treatment outcomes and education (Teichman & Basha, 1996); parenting style (Fischer & Crawford, 1992); powerlessness in relationships (Cowan, Bommersbach & Curtis, 1995); and risk-taking (Fischer, Wampler, Lyness & Thomas, 1992) - but not with parental chemical dependency (Crothers & Warren, 1996); the number of family addictions, the severity of dysfunction in the family-of-origin, or alcoholism (Fischer, Wampler, Lyness & Thomas, 1992); childhood trauma (Irwin, 1995); or family cohesion and adaptability (Teichman & Basha, 1996).