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mlendea              chepelin              merkushin              letnicov              mihalachi              uzhylovsky              shulgaguide              zyuskov              ledovskikh              lyzhikhin              gajdiciar              michnev              pavlioutchenkov              zaitcev              nedelko              kreminskyi              kachanovskiy              shkvarlo              igoshin              bejtulahi              matsukevich              anikanov              krotiouk              kozyukov              pouzy              ivashka              bryzgin              levaj              krasnoroutskiy              krivchonkov              pykhtin              bursic              vynokurov              smetanine              melnykov              dyatchin              sudnik              harazha              bareisha              teplykh              nadtokaivan              kislykh              olyunin              andriej              miedler              zyabrev              pirekeev              kalamoyets              naurits              sajdok             

Examples of "gakhov"
For application to principal-value integrals, see Whittaker and Watson, Gakhov, Lu, or Zwillinger. See also the discussion of the Poincaré-Bertrand transformation in Obolashvili. An example where the order of integration cannot be exchanged is given by Kanwal:
The use of the Hilbert transform to establish conformal welding was first suggested by the Georgian mathematicians D.G. Mandzhavidze and B.V. Khvedelidze in 1958. A detailed account was given at the same time by F.D. Gakhov and presented in his classic monograph ().
Oleg Igorevich Marichev (; born 7 September 1945 in Velikiye Luki, Russia) is a Russian mathematician. In 1949 he moved to Minsk with his parents. He graduated from the University of Belarus, where he continued to study for Ph.D. degree. His scientific supervisor was Fedor Gakhov. He is the co-author of a comprehensive table of integrals. Around 1990 he got his habilitation degree in mathematics from the University of Jena, Germany. In 1992, Marichev started working with Stephen Wolfram on Mathematica. His wife Anna helps him in his job.
With the course of time the structure of institute somehow changed. Employees professionally developed (thesis defence) and were promoted, new sections appeared there. So, in 1937 the stability section distinguished itself. There was large group of graduate students affiliated with RIMM. They are M. I. Almukhamedov, K.A. Berezin, L.I. Gavrilov, K.Z. Galimov, F.D. Gakhov, A.K. Kostyuk, P. A. Kuzmin, G.K. Maksudov, N. N. Meyman, V. V. Morozov, G. S. Salekhov and others. Some of them subsequently became outstanding scientists, and V. V. Morozov headed institute after N. G. Chebotaryov's death.
Next years (from1947 to 1954) the director was V. V. Morozov. Scientific achievements of institute for these post-war years were considerable, but they cannot be listed here. Let us list surnames of some scientists who were fruitfully working in RIIMM: V. V. Morozov, F.D. Gakhov, A.P. Norden, S. N. Andrianov, M. T. Nuzhin, G.G. Tumashev, B. L. Laptev, A.Z. Petrov, P. I. Petrov, S.F. Saykin, A.V. Sachenkov. In 1954 V. V. Morozov asked to relieve him of the director's duties, and G.G. Tukmashev – the prominent mechanic whose doctoral dissertation (1943) laid the foundation in the Kazan University of the new scientific direction for inverse boundary problems (IBP) – was appointed the director. Since then and up-till-now this direction is one of the most productive in RIMM.